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Successfully Announce Your Presence: Three Ways To Best Market Your Upcoming Trade Show Displays

Any entrepreneur that has ever successfully engaged in industry expos knows that there are many important components that come into play to guarantee marketing impact. Carefully determining which shows to attend, how to best customize a full-sized trade show booth and/or table top displays and assigning appropriate staff members to man the trade show displays throughout the event all mark critical elements that warrant careful consideration. Without strategizing these important logistics, a business risks looking ill-equipped and unprepared to the masses of potential clients in attendance.

Pre-show Marketing Is Critical

Another important detail that businesses in every industry must always contemplate when planning for trade show booth success revolves around effectively marketing their attendance at any given event. Yes, a reputable venue will assist with advertorial efforts by publishing an attendee list and employing their own promotional mix to help grow attendance numbers as much as possible. However, it’s also imperative for individual participants to also generate a little company specific buzz to ensure that, not only will there be a large crowd at the convention, but there will be a large crowd there specifically to check out your trade show displays during the event.

Effective Ways To Shamelessly Self-Promote Trade Show Displays

Like any positive tidbit of business news, the best way to get the word out is through shameless self-promotion. In order to truly optimize return on investment, every business must strategically employ a promotional initiative that will help stack the odds in their favor when it comes to enticing the masses to stop by their organization’s trade show booth. Always consider the following when outlining an initiative to pique the interest of specifically targeted potential clients.

Website: Always post your company’s plans to attend a marketing convention directly on your business website. Be sure to contact the company hosting the event as they may have an expo-specific logo or other graphics and texts for you to simply display on your homepage.

Contact Your Company’s Internal Wish List: Every business has a list of ever-elusive potential clients, or consumers that you’ve worked into warm lead status without successfully closing a deal. Put together your team’s client wish list and brainstorm a creative mailer to send that will announce your upcoming trade show booth exhibit as well as entice them to attend. Things like product discounts or the promise of an exciting giveaway are great ways to encourage them to check your business out during the event.

Generate An Online Press Release: Often, businesses can struggle with determining what makes a truly newsworthy event. However, it’s no secret that public appearances always make for perfect press release topics. While you may feel tempted to create the piece internally, it’s often best to work with a reputable search engine optimization firm to create quality, original copy. These industry experts will not only save you time and resources, but they can also ensure the final piece gets appropriately distributed online for maximum advertorial impact.

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