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In order to become a successful business, a company must invest in proper brand development. Recognition of a product is a good start but positive association and happy customers are the most important step in the game of good business etiquette. Brand identity is crucial and it will ultimately increase awareness and loyalty toward your business.

Branding is defined as the promotion of a product or service by identifying it with a particular brand or class of goods. Branding should be a primary focus of companies in order to establish a good base and identity with customers. The category of branding contains many important steps in building a good brand name, including corporate identity, brand strategy, logo design, copywriting, and translation.

Corporate identity includes building a persona for a company or corporation which will demonstrate the business objectives of said company. This persona helps answer the questions of who a company is and what they plan on doing in this industry. For example, McDonalds utilizes corporate identity by consistently printing their trademark M on all products. They keep with their red and yellow color scheme to establish uniformity. This identity has earned McDonalds billions of dollars in profits and a brand that all understand and recognize.

There are various methods through which to advertise and establish a brand. Traditional advertising techniques involve print media, including postcards, brochures, and letters. These were easy to design and remained consistent among formats. However, the costs of these prints began to rise as the standards for print began to rise. Color began to take over the presence of black and white art, which greatly increased the prices.

The internet is a whirlwind of advertising and marketing messages. For a company to succeed, the internet must be utilized. Creating a memorable design and branding techniques are very easily accomplished through the modern media. The internet is more immediate than print media and it is much easier to alter if an issue arises.

The design of a logo is an important step in brand identity. The more simple the design, the better response you will see. Complex designs tend to confuse consumers and they are difficult to create. For example, Googles logo is very simple, consisting of the company name with each letter bearing a different color. It is simple but highly recognizable worldwide so they created the perfect logo for their company.

Copywriting, not to be confused with copyright, is the act of writing text for advertising and marketing purposes to cover a product, business, person or idea. This essentially covers headlines, catch phrases, email content, and all types of press materials. Search engine optimization (SEO) falls under this umbrella, allowing companies to target specific audiences and search results.

The last thing a company must consider when branding is the ability to translate their name and material. Spanish is becoming a very common language, following in the footsteps of English and Chinese. It is seen on many documents in the United States and various other countries. In order to properly reach all audiences, the brand name and brand materials must be translated into other languages. The consumer market will not be limited to one particular demographic.

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