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Success With Trade Show Stands Is Possible: Foolproof Your Live Marketing Efforts

If you own a business that uses corporate trade show stands at live marketing events, you already know firsthand that ultimate success hinges on an extensive (and potentially overwhelming) range of logistics. Any entrepreneur who has set up customized trade show stands at expositions understands that success requires the careful management of many moving parts. From coordinating shipping of trade show stands, to working with your team to guarantee they are ready to effectively wow the crowd, maximizing results at these live exhibits can, at times, feel elusive.

Plan For Success With Your Trade Show Stands

While, success with your trade show stands can seem daunting, it’s important to remember that it is possible to effectively manage all the many logistics that arise throughout the planning process. As with any efficient marketing initiative, having an outlined plan in place can play a key role in how seamless the overall transition from detail to detail works, as well as the overall results yielded. Intrigued? Read on to find a few helpful tips to keep you on task when strategizing for your next live promotional event.

When planning for optimal impact with your trade show stands, it’s important to remember:

It’s never too soon to start planning

What’s one critical factor that can truly streamline the process of managing all of the logistics? Giving yourself enough time to plan. Gather up your team and create a thorough plan of action items (as well as defining who is responsible for each action item) of everything you’ll need to ensure your trade show stands are a smashing success. Managing the expectations of your team when it comes to identifying who will be responsible for what throughout the planning stage can minimize the chance of something falling through the cracks.

Manage shipment of your trade show stands

It’s no secret that maximizing results at a live expo can depend on efficiently managing the shipment of your exhibits. Assign a point person to manage the entire shipping process for you, including any paperwork that may need to be filled out. Remember, shipping your booths can prove costly. As part of your planning process, have your contact person reach out to at least three shipping providers to secure the best pricing possible.

Your employees matter

Many business owner spend an exorbitant amount of time managing the tangible items, yet forget to focus on the key role their employees will play in their effectiveness at the function. Knowing which team members will actually participate in the function in advance is critical; once you know who will be attending the event, take the time to ensure that every member is trained and ready to navigate through any prospective consumer engagement that may occur at the expo.

Capture your results… with a purpose

Finally, when working live marketing events, always include a plan for compiling all of the many leads and networking opportunities that you encounter during the function. Remember, keeping track of every prospect is only part of the ultimate solution. In order to maximize results with your trade show stands, it’s important to also have a plan in place for what you’ll do with your leads going forward. Identifying your lead purpose will help your team best leverage every opportunity for optimal achievement.

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