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Storing Your Trade Show Displays Between Events: Keeping Them In Good Condition

Don’t forget about your trade show displays once the marketing event is over and your pop up displays are put away! Instead, take the time to properly pack up your stands for trade shows. Use these tips to ensure that your exhibits will remain in good condition between events and you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle and maybe even some money since you won’t need to pay for costly repairs for your stands for trade shows.

Use The Storage Containers Your Trade Show Displays Came In

Trade show displays often come with a special carrying case to make shipping and storage easier. If yours didn’t, it’s often possible to order one from the company that designed the booth for you. Look for a case with a hard plastic shell and impact resistant foam with cutouts to protect each piece of the display. Combined together, the foam and the hard plastic will help keep the pieces from bumping into each other and becoming damaged.

Watch Out For Heat Fluctuations

Severe heat fluctuations can cause problems for your booths. Because the pieces of a display are designed to fit together snugly and securely, temperature problems can cause pieces to swell and contract, making it more difficult to fit the pieces together. Additionally, if your booth has some plastic components, severe heat can cause the plastic to weaken and become brittle over time. To help prevent this, store your display in a temperature controlled storage facility, instead of an outdoor garage or warehouse.

Store Trade Show Displays Off The Floor In Case Of Flooding

However, just because you’re using a temperature controlled storage facility, that doesn’t mean your pop up displays and other display pieces are protected from the elements. Flooding can happen at any time, either due to a faulty fire sprinkler system, a real fire or even a heavy rain that penetrates the building’s roofing. While you can’t keep the water from falling, it’s possible to keep your display out of sitting water by storing it on a shelf a few feet off the floor. This reduces the chances that water will infiltrate your protective case, keeping your display protected.

Do A Trial Run Before A Big Event

Lastly, make sure your stands for trade shows are in good shape before you head out to an event by doing a trial run. Putting everything together before you get to the event means that you’ll be able to uncover any pieces that might need replacing, such as burnt out light bulbs, ripped graphics, broken literature hangers or more. This will help to keep you from scrambling to find replacement parts or paying an arm and a leg for repair services when you’re at the event.

By securely packing up your trade show displays and properly storing them after the event, you’ll be helping to ensure that your booth remains in great condition, year after year. Don’t take chances — protect your exhibits by following these important tips.

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