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Staying Ahead Of Consumer Trends With Your Trade Show Exhibit

Participating in a trade show exhibit can yield unparalleled benefits to businesses of every size and scope. There’s a reason why this type of marketing approach is a proven “classic.” Delivering ample opportunity to engage with customers on a face-to-face basis and checking out the competition are just some of the many perks that live encounter marketing can deliver.

While the advantages of conventions are impressive, optimal return on investment requires careful planning and strategic execution. Without a cohesive plan of attack in place before the trade show exhibit opens its doors, business owners will, inevitably, find themselves being overlooked in the competitive masses.

Anticipating Consumer Interests Before Every Trade Show Exhibit

While there is a wide range of traditional trade show exhibit approaches and tactics, it’s important to remember that ultimate success hinges firmly on one often unpredictable and ever-evolving factor: the attending consumers themselves. What many entrepreneurs often find when working the trade show exhibit arena is that, in order to stay at the top of their convention game, they must continue to redesign their consumer approach. By staying ahead of current consumer trends they are best prepared to make the biggest impact possible at every event.

When creating your approach for the next trade show exhibit, it’s important to include at least some of the most relevant consumer trends to ensure that you’re optimizing attendee interest in your booth. As you brainstorm ideas with your team, consider:

Online marketing: It’s no secret that today’s shoppers buy a huge percentage of their goods online without ever having to step into a brick and mortar store. In order to entice guests to come and visit your booth, you must have a prominent online marketing image. Not only should you be using your web presence to showcase the benefits your product line offers, you should also be actively promoting your upcoming convention appearances as well. Offering in-person discounts is a great way to encourage shoppers who do all their research online to come and check out your wares in person.

Relevant giveaways: Modern shoppers are savvy and demand quality products. Yet, so many businesses participating in a trade show exhibit still believe that a free pen giveaway at their booth will entice a sale. It won’t. If you’re planning on giving an item away during a function, make sure it’s something that your visitors will want and use. Struggling to come up with something that will resonate with the crowd? Opt for giving away free sample of your items, or even offering coupons for added value on future purchases.

Social media: Not only is social media an invaluable resource for business owners in every industry; it’s a consumer trend that has proven it has undeniable staying power. Not only should you utilize your social media pages to announce your trade show exhibit presence, you should also post updates throughout the event to encourage guests to stop into your booth. Announcing giveaways, contests, speakers and other compelling details is a great way to ensure consumers know what you’re about and why it’s worth their time to visit your team during the event.

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