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Sponsoring A Charity Event: Promoting Your Product While Keeping The Focus On Helping Those In Need

Every business would donate to charity if they could simply because it’s the right thing to do. However, if your contribution is large enough, a donation is more than just a good deed. It becomes an investment in your company’s marketing strategy because the grateful charity will want to feature you at the event. Crafting your trade show booth for that day means a careful balance of promotion for your company and support for the cause.

Can You Re-Use Your Usual Trade Show Stands?

It is rare for a company to re-use an active trade show booth at a charity event. The reason is simple: they’re too promotional. Promoting your company with strong banner stands and flashy displays is excellent for a convention, but out of place at a charity run. If you have any doubt about the suitability of your exhibit, don’t use it. There is nothing worse than creating a bad impression with an inappropriate exhibit.

Likewise, consider the setting of the event. Will it be outdoors? If so, you’ll want a more open tent design, and might choose only banner stands or a tabletop unit to promote your company. You should always adapt to the feeling of the event. That advice extends to the dress of your staff. If it’s a 5K run, don’t have people showing up in suits. You want people who visit the event to feel comfortable walking up to your trade show booth, not intimidated and overwhelmed.

Work Out Where Your Logo Will Be Featured

Interestingly enough, the more co-sponsors there are, the more promotional your trade show stands can be. This is because the increased number of sponsors means more advertisements in more places, so no one company appears overly promoted. Whether you’re the sole supporter or one of a large group, check in advance to see where and how your company will be featured. There are many ways it could be done, ranging from a simple inclusion of your logo to a full-on thank you letter in the program brochure. Once you know the extent that the charity will promote you, you’re in a good position to determine how heavily you should promote yourself.

Consider Doing Something Extra For The Charity

When businesses have trade show stands at a charity event, they will often go above and beyond by providing another way to donate. If it’s a hot day, consider selling snow cones or shaved ice at your trade show stands and donating the profits to the charity. You could also sell bottled water, or perhaps popcorn. These attractions will draw people to your trade show exhibit without being overly promotional, and it will give more money to the causes that need it most.

Enjoy The Atmosphere You’ve Helped Create

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, don’t let the idea of promotion dominate your mind. As the organizer, you could easily become lost in the profit motive and forget that your company did a good deed. If there are representatives from the charity there, make sure you talk to them. If there are beneficiaries of the charity there, such as abandoned pets at an adoption drive, make sure you visit them to see firsthand how much good you’ve done. Then you’ll get the best of both worlds: promotion for your company and a positive contribution to the world.

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline, a producer of trade show booths and banner stands in NJ ( Skyline’s trade show stands in New Jersey ( are multi-use and can easily be adapted to varying needs.

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