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Social Media Promotions Key to College Recruiting

With education funding and endowments at an all time low, competition among colleges to secure attract students in a cost-effective and successful manner is at an all time high.

So how do you connect with you prospective students and keep them engaged? Think promotion and think social media — the two key tools for successful interaction between you and your future student body.

Social Media PromotionsFour Steps for Putting Social Media Marketing to Work for Your College Recruitment:

STEP 1: Build Your Fan Base with Interactive Facebook Promotions

Turn your college recruiting events into a social media building platform by giving students an Instant Win card good for music downloads, and a chance to win an Amazon Gift card, an iPod, gift certificate to your school store, or other great prizes. To find out what they have won, students must first become a fan on your school’s Facebook page, giving you a direct line to instantly engage and interact with them on an ongoing basis.

You can also build in data capture capabilities that will gather valuable market information that will help you better cater to students in the future, giving you an ever-expanding captive audience that is always just one mouse click away!

STEP 2: Tap into Viral Marketing Power of Social Media with Refer-a-Friend Promotion

Once students are in, get them to help further your following with a refer-a-friend promotion that gives both them and their friends a chance to win an exciting prize, like an iPod, laptop or other school-related gift. Instant Win giveaways are a great way to get the attention of the masses, especially when offering something students want, need and use on a daily basis like music, electronics and custom school paraphernalia.

STEP 3: Engage Students, Promote School with Interactive Quizzes/Contests

Keep prospective students engaged with your school through fun interactive quizzes that test their knowledge about the school’s programs, history and community. These quizzes will give students a short and fun way to interact with the school, keeping them not only abreast, but interested in the programs and activities you have to offer. Draw in the online crowds by offering participation incentives, such as sought-after seats to a school sporting event, tickets to an on-campus play or visiting lecture series, or even a custom branded laptop skin, which will promote campus affiliated events and promote the school brand.

Utilize your potential to get in on the social media revolution by socializing with your students! By keeping your social media involvement interesting, fun and interactive, you will keep your fans engaged and listening — or reading, rather — building long-standing relationships with students and prospectives.

Thea Chard is Director, Social Media for RC Strategies Group. RC Strategies Group provide businesses with 21st century marketing strategies that harness the power of the Internet and the popularity of digital entertainment to connect with customers and drive results.

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  1. Partner up with Employers. Today our students are applying for graduate roles against the odds. Why not partner up with businesses to offer more to student’s CVs when they leave. Why not host an annual award from a particular company endorsement and even offer intern vacancies as standard by building a network up.

    I would say the way to a student heart is more opportunity to meet and match with employers. The best way to do this through Social Media Marketing is to offer more resources to those perspective students that are looking though search queries for something like “How to get a job in x [field]“. Optimise as best you can with resources and be as helpful as you can in detailing what testimonials you can as well.

    Social Media Marketing is the fruit of labour.

  2. I think social media can only go so far influencing students college choices. While it will be good to build awareness about a school, I highly doubt anybody would make a choice as big as college based upon facebook or social media promotions.

  3. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t use this @trade show carpet. Wanting to be where your friends are is a HUGE part of making a decision regarding university or college. I understand your point that it’s not the be all and end all, but it’s more important than you think – or at least, was. Perhaps less now as people can stay in touch with social media!! (the irony!)

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