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Who does not know about social media? I mean, everyone knows about Facebook and Twitter Probably 95% of the population of today checks on the news feed. People seem to be addicted on sending tweets about their latest activities. So, what is the fuss?

The fact that social media is gaining its enormous popularity, businessmen and Internet marketers have used it as clever strategy to hype up people on the latest products and services. However, Internet marketers and other people in the field of online business have misinterpreted the real deal on social media.

What do (most) business people think about Facebook and Twitter?

Let me make it simple and quick for you. You do not sell your latest shampoo on Facebook. You do not need to shout out your latest products via tweets. Selling on social media is the least that you could ever do.

So, how do you market? Building connections and talking about things that interest your connections should be the primary goal. In a simple illustration, Facebook is like a party house. Have you gone to a party? I bet you had. People, when in the party, talks about events, favorites and other things, and selling while at the party will make you a freak. Besides, you would not like someone to sell his latest watch to you while you are on a cocktail party drinking your drink, would you? The same principle applies on social networking sites. When people are laughing and busy chit-chatting about the things that interest them the most, you do not want to insert your dishwasher and look weird.

However, you can (indirectly) sell your products while on a party. How? It is plainly simple. Say, a friend of yours is talking about how she hates about her belly. Of course, you would want to comfort her and encourage her to exercise more often. When you have captured her attention, try to recommend something (even if it is not your product) to help her. Did you get the point?

It is all about social interaction in a natural way as you would talk a friend on a coffee shop. There is no formality or propaganda involved. Everything is just about trying to help someone with his or her problem by offering options (just make sure that your products are one of the options).

So, what will be your first step?

Be a friend to everyone. You cannot connect with other people if you do not have the sincere motive of getting connected with them. If you are only think of selling and earning profit then social media marketing is the least of all the options that I advise for you. If you are only thinking of increasing your sales conversion online then I suggest you disregard Facebook and Twitter as mediums to help you gain the trust of the people.

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