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Social Media Explosion – Using Social Media to Explode Your Prospect List While MLM Recruiting!

Social media explosion is the right term that can be used to define the amazing effects of various social media such as twitter, facebook and so on. If you are into any form of Multi-Level Marketing, you may have lost a huge number of prospects if you hadn’t been recruiting through social media. Many other MLM recruiters have achieved very significant results on these social network sites and are still going further. But you have to be careful while recruiting in any of these social networking sites because they aren’t marketing sites. Note that if you become too pushy with your recruiting or marketing gimmicks, you may be termed spam. If you are lucky and you aren’t banned from such sites, many others must have made up their minds to ignore you so you really have to find ways of recruiting smartly on any of these social networking platforms.

The effects of social media explosion can be felt if you get 25 or more down lines in a single day as a beginner net worker. I know of a friend who got this on the first day he created an MLM recruiting account with facebook. While getting 25 down lines in a day may not be considered quite explosive because there are folks that had gotten much more at the same length of time, but when you consider the fact that some MLM recruiters spend 6 months without having this kind of number below them, you will see more reasons why you should make the best from socializing on facebook, twitter and so on.

The primary rule you have to set for yourself is NEVER to appear pushy while recruiting in any of these social networking sites. You have to be friendly with people and socialize with them before suggestively recommending your MLM recruiting links. You will even notice that you are going to get more conversions from those that had interacted with you for some time. This is because they must have known you and might have developed some reasonable levels of trust in you without your knowledge. So, it will be easier for them to join any MLM network you suggest because of the relative trust they had developed in you.

For you to get the very best from the social media explosion while MLM recruiting, you don’t have to make the same mistakes many other MLM recruiters had made in the past. Guide your integrity and don’t hype the benefits of the MLM you are promoting in desperate attempt to get more converts. This may likely have negative effects in the long run because those people that joined on false promises may likely come back to tackle you. You may not be aware that they might go to the extent of sharing your information in the social network and terming you a liar. Tell your prospects exactly what to expect and be ready to answer any question they might throw at you. You will surely get more people in your down line if you tread the social networking sites with caution.

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