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Seven Tips For Creating Trade Show Booth Designs That Impress

Trade show booth designs play a key role in every company’s live marketing strategy. As with any promotional initiative, having an “adequate” display is simply not enough. In order to effectively and consistently wow the wandering crowd at any given event, it’s imperative to showcase trade show booth designs that successfully (and succinctly!) inform, engage and compel.

Strategizing For Success With Your Business’ Trade Show Booth Designs

If you’re planning trade show booth designs for your business, consider the following critical tips to help streamline the process and guarantee optimal success at every function:

Budget: There are a wide variety of trade show booth designs that come in virtually every price range. Carefully considering your specific budget can help you keep the planning process on track without financially setting your organization up for failure. Beyond stretching your resources too thin, not following a budget may force you to miss critical events throughout the year in order to save money.

Periphery details: While many trade show booth designs rely on a “front and center” approach, it’s important to remember that most traffic during an event will be flowing in from the sides. Placing banner stands and other eye-catching components on the periphery of your display will help optimize the benefits of traffic flow, no matter where your display is placed in a venue.

Prominent branding: No one should have to enter your stand to find out your company name. Prominently displaying your brand identity throughout your design can play a critical role in the overall success of the event.

Marketing in a glance: Not only should your brand be prominently displayed on your stand, but your entire marketing missive should be completely conveyed in a single glance. Working with a professional design team can help ensure that you truly capture your company’s essence in a way that compels the crowd in just one look.

Images: When storyboarding your final design, it’s important to include the most compelling graphics and images you have available. Work with your team to compile relevant pictures that will resonate with passersby. Don’t have any worthy of display? Scheduling a photo with a reputable photographer can help you get top quality images that will work for your stand.

Finish: Deciding the type of finish you want on your display may seem simple enough; however, there are a few key variables to consider. It’s important to think about your uses. Glossy finishes will tend to show scratches more than a matte look. Also, lighter colors do tend to show wear and tear more prominently than a darker display.

Storage: Finally, always consider your storage options when creating trade show booth designs for your business. Not only will you need to strategize where your stand will be housed when it’s not in use, but you should also consider including cabinetry and shelving in your display to store important brochures and materials.

Now that you’re armed with these essential tips for success, you’re ready to get to the fun part — designing your stand! Teaming with a reputable firm can help ensure that you follow these important guidelines and maximize results for optimal return on investment.

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