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Seven Reasons Why A Trade Show Exhibit Design Can Fail

Preparing your business to do battle in the live marketing event arena? Your strategy for success should begin with one critical component: your trade show exhibit design. Far too often, business owners assume that simply showing up is all that’s needed to dominate the showroom floor. However, it takes much more than mere attendance to reap the rewards your company deserves and to achieve the goals it needs to make this type of marketing effort worth the overall investment. In order to consistently garner attention and sustain promotional momentum, you must present a solid, cohesive trade show exhibit design that resonates with the masses.

Knowing How To Avoid A Trade Show Exhibit Design Fail

What’s one way to solidify efforts and achieve success at any venue? Understand some key reasons why a trade show exhibit design can fail. Knowing what doesn’t work can help ensure that your trade show display avoids these pitfalls and keeps itself poised for optimal success.

Reason #1 – No clear marketing message: Ever look at a booth that, while visually attractive enough, you simply can’t figure out exactly what the company offers? Don’t be one such business. Work with your exhibit design provider to create a clear and cohesive marketing message and ensure that it is successfully implemented throughout your exhibit.

Reason #2 – Lack of brand identity: Beyond your marketing message, it’s also critical to ensure that your company’s brand identity is prominently displayed throughout your final stand. Logos, tagline and even your brand identifying color palette dispersed consistently throughout your display can help the wandering crowd remember who you are long after the event closes.

Reason #3 – Shabby exterior: Take a look at your displays and booths; what does the current exterior say about your organization? If the answer is “shabby and well-worn,” it’s time for an update. Partner with an exhibit design expert to reinvigorate your look to present a polished and professional image to your guests.

Reason #4 – Cluttered and messy: Even new exhibits with flawless exteriors can fail if their interior look remains cluttered, messy and unorganized. Having shelving and cabinet options throughout the space can help keep literature and your team’s personal effects out of the way for an organized interior that guests will want to spend time in.

Reason #5 – No consideration of traffic flow: No matter how well put together your final display, it delivers zero marketing return on investment if its facing away from the majority of the traffic flow. Always consider venue setup when choosing your spot to ensure you maximize results.

Reason #6 – No key service differentiators: Participating in a trade show event proves a perfect way to go head to head with your biggest competition… if you can prove that your business offers something that they don’t. Use your display as a canvas to illustrate exactly how your company stands apart from other options in your industry.

Reason # 7 – Lackluster employees managing your booth: Finally, having ineffective and poorly trained staff in your exhibit proves a perfect storm for sending the masses away to your competition. Present all of your best employees during the convention to leave a long-lasing, positive message with guests.

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