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Serious Traffic For Free – 3 Things You Can Do

There are a lot of different things that you can do online to get serious amounts of traffic for free. Even though there are a lot of opinions on the matter, there seems to be some very particular opinions that seem to be working for major players on the net today. If you’re going to get serious about online marketing, affiliate work, or just want a big readership to your writing, you’ll find that the following will prove to be quite great. Even if you subscribe to a traffic booster, you’ll find the following tips will generate serious numbers.

The first thing that you need to know is that there is no need to pay for a lot of services to get serious attention on the web. Sure, you could spend money on CPM or CPC campaigns, but you’ll end up going broke before you see any major traffic. In order to change that up, you’ll need to invest in 3 strategies.

Strategy number one is going to be odd for some to move forward with, but it will pay off in the long term. Take to the web and find a directory of websites that are about your niche, specifically blogs. Once you’ve established a long list of websites that are in your particular topic, proceed to visit them all and drop comments in their comment section. Do this across every blog you can find, and make sure the comments are not just random and vapid. If you drop 1,000 comments a week, over time you will have hundreds of links pointed back to your website. From that point, you will have curious webmasters, visitors to other pages, and much more going to your site. Imagine if you left 100,000 comments, and each comment derived 1 visitor per day, you’d see an explosion of traffic that will be free and clear.

The second strategy is one that many people are trying to employ as this article is being written, and that’s SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s easily defined as a coding structure that attracts the major search engines around the web to point towards your page. When done properly, you will receive a flood of heavily targeted traffic that will convert for you into sales, subscriptions and more. Doing this the right way can be tricky, but it is currently one of the biggest ways to generate traffic online.

The third way to generate serious traffic is to promote your website through online videos. Everyone has an opinion and is an expert on a variety of topics. Whether you put the camera in front of you or you create other small clips, you will generate serious traffic by simply adding videos to the online video websites that are alive and well today. The top 5 trafficked websites today are social media and video based, so you can rest assured there is a wide audience to reach with your videos, and each one can easily visit your webpage.

Traffic is a numbers game, and casting a wide net is important, but it’s when you apply the above 3 strategies that you get very targeted traffic in droves, and for the online marketer, that means serious money.

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