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Seo Content Writing: How to Hire the Best Seo Content Provider for Your Business

Seo Content Writing: How to Hire the Best Seo Content Provider for Your Business

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Many small business owners are starting to realize to realize the need for search engine optimized content. Writing that content, however, requires a certain skill set. So off to the internet many go to find a freelance SEO copywriter, or a firm that provides SEO copywriting services.

And, this is where the confusion starts. There are so many providers — all with various degrees of experience, pricing, service offerings, etc. It’s hard to know who or which firm to hire. To help you get the best website content provider for your firm, following are two of the biggest considerations to keep in mind.

Price Does Not Dictate Quality: SEO content writing is, of course, a form of freelance writing. And if you know anything about this niche, then you know that fees tend to be all over the place. The same is true in search engine optimization copywriting. However, it is — in most cases — not an indication of quality.

After reviewing a few sites, you may start thinking, “What’s the difference between a $35 and a $100 SEO article?” The answer is — the person providing the service, which brings us to the next point.

SEO Content Writing Providers Vary: You will find SEO copywriting services offered by independents (freelancers), internet marketing firms and advertising agencies, among others.

Which one is right for your business?

This will depend on several factors, primarily: (i) your budget; and (ii) your long-term internet marketing strategy.

Your Budget for SEO Content Writing: To know which provider to go with, it helps to know how online content providers work.

Most freelance SEO copywriters are hired by internet marketing firms, ad agencies, etc. Hence, they tend to have a lower price than these providers. And, this is where your long-term internet marketing strategy comes into play.

Your Long-term Internet Marketing Strategy: When many small business owners get serious about search engine optimization, they tend to hire firms that provide a range of services. SEO content writing is only one of these services.

For example, they may hire an internet marketing firm to do website analytics, ecommerce development and pay per click management. Hence, the copywriting is part of a larger plan.

In this case, it makes more sense to let the internet marketing firm handle your website content needs.

The Bottom Line on Hiring a Firm/Freelancer to Handle Your SEO Content Writing Needs

Make sure they understand SEO copywriting. Services like this can be offered by anyone who knows how to put up a website and do a little research. But, you want someone who knows how search engine optimized content fits into your overall internet marketing strategy. This is key to increasing sales and leads.

Just remember, SEO content writing is one piece of the internet marketing puzzle. Hire the entity that gets this.

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