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Selling Yourself (And Your Company) At A Trade Show

If your company is considering attending a trade show, you need to know how to sell yourself. Use these tips to make selling yourself — and your company — easier. Whether you consider yourself a sales expert or you’re a complete newbie, these tips will come in handy both at the event and back at the office.

Showcase A Professional Display, Including Banner Stands

Your exhibit will be the first impression visitors have of your company, especially if they’ve never heard of you before! Don’t leave this impression to chance — make sure that every element in your display, from your banner stands to your table top displays, is professionally designed.

Before you even attend the event, put your banner stands and other exhibit elements together and make sure that the graphics are all in good shape and that the frames are all undamaged. This small step won’t take you very long, but making sure there isn’t any damage to your banner stands and other display elements will help ensure that you’re ready to exhibit as soon as the show begins.

Be Fully Present At The Show

It’s probably tempting to check your email throughout the trade show — after all, you still have clients who aren’t attending the event that need support and assistance. However, if you’re trying to impress the people who are actually at the event, you need to stay off your phone and away from your email inbox. Put an out of office reply on your email account and have someone back in the office designated to check it every hour or so to answer any emergency emails that might come through. Lastly, check in with your customers before the trade show and let them know that you have a plan in case an emergency situation arises. You might be surprised at how accommodating and understanding your customers can be while you’re out of the office.

Don’t Wait For Attendees To Come To You

Sure, your innovative exhibit will attract people to your display, however that’s not enough! There are going to be plenty of dynamic exhibits throughout the venue so it’s vital that you take a few steps to stand out and get noticed. One way is to get out among the crowd. Send some of your sales force to circulate and invite attendees to visit your booth and you might be surprised at how many people come your way.

Work On Relationships

Every business — no matter what industry you’re in — is all about relationships. In some cases, developing a tight relationship with a customer means they won’t even consider looking at your competition. Because of this, your sales staff shouldn’t focus entirely on closing a sale. While sales are vital to your business, many companies find that developing relationships that lead to long-term sales is equally important.

Attending a trade show will be a waste of time if you’re not selling yourself in the right way. Use these tips to enhance your sales skills and you might be surprised at how well you can connect with your customers.

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