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Selecting A Pay Per Click Advertisting Agency

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a form of paid advertising found on search engine search result pages once a user enters in a search query. The sponsored advertising or paid ads can be found above and to the right of organic search results. Its important for businesses developing marketing strategies to consider integrating a pay-per-click campaign into their online marketing strategy.

Prior to beginning the process of selecting an internet marketing agency to carry out your pay-per-click advertising needs, its important to understand how pay-per-click advertising works. Pay-per-click provides instant traffic to a website (via a destination URL within the ad). This mode of advertising lets the user set the amount of traffic they want to receive based on their daily budget. When setting up a PPC campaign, its important to note that campaigns can be set-up using multiple PPC advertising networks which will allow ads to run on multiple search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing.
What a pay-per-click campaign can bring a business owner or website is instant traffic, keywords tailored to target a specific audience, and provide valuable insights into the demographic and geographic statistics of the websites visitors.

When it comes time to select a pay-per-click advertising agency its important to take into account the agencys knowledge and experience with the pay-per-click advertising model, setting up accounts and campaigns. An experienced agency will tell you that the process of setting-up an account or campaign is tedious and requires an expert to ensure the campaigns will run properly. To ensure a positive PPC ROI an agency will provide constant keyword analysis, keyword research, conversion tracking, effective and up to date bidding strategies and daily account management to ensure that the account and subsequent campaigns are running properly and receiving targeted impressions and clicks. The process of daily account management helps to make sure an accounts daily budget is being maximized and that the budget isnt being wasted on erroneous clicks, which is especially important for those creating new PPC accounts that lack any historical data.

For companies needing to select a pay-per-click agency to re-optimize and manage an existing PPC account, the same careful thought is required. Although the account is already set-up, it will require keyword refinement and management to determine whether or not the daily budget is being maximized for targeted traffic. If an account is spending money on impressions or clicks that are irrelevant it wont result in a profit and can in fact hurt ROI. By employing an agency to analyze an existing PPC account and its campaigns, that agency can determine whether or not it is necessary to restructure an account or what changes need to be made to properly optimize that account. Re-optimization for existing accounts may include: thorough analysis of an existing account, executive summary of the changes that need to be made to an account, account restructure, keyword research, creation of new ad copy for split testing and conversion tracking, and continuous conversion tracking and optimization at the account and campaign levels.

Whether a business is seeking a pay-per-click agency to set-up and manage a pay-per-click account, or provide insights into how to re-optimize an existing account, its important to seek out certified professionals who have the knowledge and experience needed to provide the desired ROI.

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