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Search Engines Are Not The Only Path To Targeted Traffic

Search engine queries may be the foremost method for generating target traffic, but it is not the only way. You must also tap into these other methods to strengthen your online marketing plan.

First, include a blog in your existing website. Not just any blog, however, as it should contain useful, relevant and entertaining posts including instructional and informational articles. The posts must then be updated on a regular basis. Blogs are powerful targeted traffic generators for two reasons, namely, the utilization of strategic keywords and the inclusion of multimedia features like sharing in social networking sites. Both methods will expand the reach of your website, so to speak. Forums for discussions among your readers as well as guest postings should also be made available in the blogs. The more readers and authors posting on your blog, the wider your readership will be.

Second, conduct contests and promotions on your website. You are basically providing for incentives for your readers-cum-customers to make repeat visits and to recommend the website to their own networks. The freebies can be anything from products and services. Think of free mugs, pens and mouse pads with your business’ brand as well as free web seminars, podcasts and online tutorials, all of which can be made for little to no cost.

Third, connect with your target customers via other websites. You can:

-Post as a guest blogger on other complementary businesses’ websites. For example, if your business is pet food, then you can post short articles on a website selling veterinary services.

-Post comments, join online forums, and answer questions on message boards. These venues are excellent for quality back links. Just make sure to avoid becoming the proverbial troll; be a helpful commenter instead. Give out informative comments so that other users will see your authority and be encouraged to click your website link.

-Create official accounts in social media and networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Your target customers will appreciate your helpful inputs on matters that are in their interests.

-Advertise in sites like Google ads, pay per click and online directories. Keep in mind, too, that online citations will work in your favor.

In the end, SEO is a great tool for targeted traffic generation but it cannot stand on its own. It has been proven for many years that it’s not the sole source of audience for your website. You must use the abovementioned methods for greater success in your online business.

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