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Revealed! The Truth About How To Make Money Online On Autopilot

Follow up marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

It can help you free up your time, improve the performance of your online business, and make more money without working harder.

So if you want to take your online business to the next level, this article is especially for you.

But what is follow up marketing? In simple terms it is the process of causing visitors to your website to ask for more information and then sending that information to them over time.

In other words, it is any email marketing process that involves sending your prospects an automated series of emails that is designed to achieve a specific result.

That result could be to make more sales, solve your customers problems, find out what your prospects want or anything else. It is a very effective marketing strategy for automating your online business and freeing up your time.

So in this article you will discover 4 proven ways to use follow up marketing to create a time rich online business that generates more profits without your constant involvement. Let us get into them!

1. The first way to use follow up marketing is to create a series of messages that give your prospects several reasons to buy your products or services.

Why would you do this? The answer is because most people rarely buy after reading one email message.

Research has shown that most sales happen after you have followed up with your prospects over 5 times.

Unfortunately most people do not know this and so they only send one email to their prospects and hope that many of them are persuaded by the message and buy the product or service on offer.

I did this too. The ugly truth is that this type of marketing rarely works well.

The better way to market is to create several messages, perhaps 10 to start with and let each message give your prospects a unique persuasive reason to buy your product or service.

You can use an autoresponder like Aweber or Get Response to automatically send your messages to your subscribers after every 2 days or so. This will significantly improve your results.

2. The second way to use follow up marketing to help you make money online is to create a series of email messages that deal with problems that your customers usually experience after they buy from you.

The reason for doing this is that it will really help you improve your customer service. And a reliable customer service is vital to the success of your online business.

It makes customers feel that you actually care about their needs.
When they feel this way, their credit cards come out and they buy from you again and again. That, I can guarantee.

So find out what problems your customers usually face and then create a series of emails that address those problems.

For example, if your customers usually struggle to use a certain part of your product, create an email series that shows them how to use that part with ease.

That will set you so far ahead of your competitors because very few of them, if any, do this. And the wonderful news is you can use this strategy even if you sell affiliate products.

3. The third way to use follow up marketing is to do market research.

Several marketers have made a fortune by simply finding out what problems their prospects are experiencing and then selling them a solution to their problems.

A while back this was very difficult and expensive to do but nowadays all you need is a service like Survey Monkey. You can use it to survey your prospects to find out what they really want.

All you need to do is to send your prospects an email that contains the survey in order to find out their fears, frustrations, wants and desires.

Knowing these things will help you create a product that thoroughly addresses their needs.

Where does follow up marketing come in? Well, you can use an autoresponder to automatically send your market research emails overtime. Imagine how much that would help your online business.

4.The fourth way to use follow up marketing is to create your positioning. What does this mean? Positioning is simply the way that your prospects view your relationship with them.

Your relationship could be one where you are always chasing them in order to make sales.

That is not a good place to be because you come across as a pest and no one wants to buy from a pest.

On the flip side, your relationship with your prospects could be one where your prospects chase you in order to buy your stuff.

In this case you become the classic wise man at the top of the mountain. This is the best positioning to create for yourself and follow up marketing can help you do it.

I will give you an example. A certain marketer (no name mentioned) used to call his prospects in order to sale them his stuff. As you would probably expect, they were irritated when he called them and disturbed them.

As a result, they did not buy anything.

On the brink of going out of business, he learnt about follow up marketing and created a series of emails that provided his prospects with information he knew they wanted.

At the end of the email messages, he included his phone number so that THEY could call him if they wanted to learn more.

Guess what started to happen? Exactly. His phone started to ring off the hook and he made many more sales. How did he do it?

He changed his positioning from unwelcome pest to welcome guest using follow up marketing. He became the hunted and not the hunter. You can do that too.

So there you go!

If you commit yourself to using these follow up marketing strategies in your business, you will significantly improve the performance of your online business through automation.

It will be more organised and you will reduce the amount of work you have to do on a daily basis.

That is a goal worth working towards!

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