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Putting Together An Effective Trade Show Booth

Exhibiting at trade shows provides excellent marketing opportunities, for both startups and well-established companies.

These events are the perfect venue for companies to establish brand recognition, by promoting their latest products to a varied audience of potential consumers.

Taking part in trade shows can also help companies generate quality leads, identify industry trends, strengthen existing connections and foster new relationships.

A trade show booth is an essential marketing medium that provides a platform for companies to showcase their product line. This display device is also a powerful tool of communication that allows companies to convey their target message to a wide array of audience.

Graphic images and captivating slogans are the common trademarks of a trade show booth design.

These catchy taglines and images are incorporated by companies into their booth design, not only to communicate their message, but also to draw audience attention to their exhibit space.

Island booths, peninsula booths, linear or standard in-line booths, and split island exhibits are the four common types of booth configurations. An island booth is an exhibit area that is surrounded by aisles on all four sides.

A peninsula booth consists of one back wall and two sides that face toward opposite aisles. As the name suggests, a linear or standard in-line booth is arranged in a straight line, and only one section is exposed to an aisle.

A split island exhibit consists of two peninsula booths that share a common back wall.

Unless you plan on frequenting the trade show circuit on a regular basis, it is more financially wise to rent a trade show booth instead of purchasing one. Trade show booth rentals are affordable and do not entail maintenance and storage expenses.

Booth rentals are beneficial to companies that want to give trade shows a try, but cannot afford to invest in their own display booth just yet.

Furthermore, a trade show booth rental gives more opportunities to put up a good display, because of the flexibility it affords.

Participating in trade shows is all about making a good impression on potential consumers, in order to generate leads that could eventually translate into earnings.

Considering the fact that there are over a thousand exhibitors at trade shows, the task of drawing audience attention to your exhibit space can prove to be difficult.

However, a little creativity and a good strategic plan in place can potentially drive foot traffic to your exhibit space. For instance, choosing a location that generates high traffic activity can increase visibility and exposure of your brand image.

Employing eye-catching graphic images and slogans is an effective method of getting your message out there, as well as grabbing the attention of your target audience.

Keep the written information on your banners short and sweet, so as not to overwhelm booth visitors with too much information.

Another way to direct crowd traffic to your exhibit space is to integrate lighting effects and audio-visual elements into your display booth. Lighting effects can add impact to your booth and make it look professionally appealing.

Audio-visual elements are interesting and captivating ways of educating potential consumers about your products and services. Using plasma displays, touch screens and surround sound can keep booth visitors engaged.

Handing out promotional items is an effective form of branding strategy. It increases brand awareness and also promotes a lasting impression in the minds of your potential consumers.

To be effective, promotional freebies should be items that booth visitors can actually use and these products should prominently display your brand logo.

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