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Protect Your Custom Trade Show Displays With Proper Storage Techniques

Custom trade show displays are a smart investment in your company’s marketing plan, particularly if you visit a variety of venues and conventions each year where you can network and find strong new leads. Once you’ve invested in new booth elements, you’ll want to protect them when they aren’t being used in order to prolong their life and ensure that they still look great each time you use them at the next venue. There are four things to keep in mind when you’re storing your exhibits:

Use A Professional Storage Facility

Resist the urge to find an empty closet or storage room at your office to stow your custom trade show displays. While this seems like an inexpensive solution, it seldom is. Once you’ve tucked it away, you’ll probably forget all about it until you need it the next time. Over the months, your exhibit will begin to reveal the signs of normal wear and tear. Each time your items are shipped back to storage, they should be inspected, repaired and cleaned so that they are fresh and vibrant when they arrive at the next venue. If you stick them in the back of a janitor’s closet, you could be unpleasantly surprised when you pull it out and discover missing pieces, tears or other damage.

Store Custom Trade Show Displays In A Temperature Controlled Facility

Not all facilities are temperature controlled, even if they are indoors. If you choose a place that doesn’t maintain a moderate temperature year round, the fluctuations from cold to hot can cause warping or peeling of materials such as laminates and glues while natural materials such as bamboo or wood can dry out and crack. Maintaining an even temperature year round will help preserve the quality of your exhibit elements.

Make Sure There Is Appropriate Security

Why would you stow your exhibit in a location where it would be easy for someone to steal or vandalize it? Make sure that you’ve chosen a warehouse that has round the clock security in some form, whether it’s security guards, surveillance cameras or coded security locks. Also ask what their policy is for relocating your items in the event there is a chance of flooding or storm damage.

Choose A Location With Easy, 24-Hour Access

If you need to make last minute or unexpected changes to your custom trade show displays you may be in for an unpleasant surprise if it’s a holiday, weekend or during off-hours. In many instances, shipping may have to be done on weekends to get your exhibit to a venue on time, so it’s essential that you don’t store them in a location that has limited hours for access. Ask about their drayage and shipping schedules to make sure you can get what you need on time, every time.

There are no absolute guarantees when it comes to protecting your investment in custom trade show displays, but you can minimize the risk or damage or loss if you store them properly between events.

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