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Promotional Giveaways: Top Three Things To Consider For Freebie Success

Promotional giveaways can make a major impact on the success of a business’ trade show displays. Yes, your trade show displays themselves play a critical role in propelling your brand image forward while engaging, informing and compelling your targeted audience. However, when going head-to-head with the sea of competitors also working the showroom floor, it’s important to have some sort of key differentiator to help your business stand out from the crowd; using promotional giveaways can be a fun, fairly inexpensive and effective way to do so.

What To Know About Handouts For Trade Show Displays And Exhibits

While giveaways and handouts can give your company the edge it needs at the next exhibit, it’s important to remember that not all freebies are created alike. All too often, business owners don’t put together a viable strategy with their giveaways; instead they arbitrarily pick an item simply based on expense. Unfortunately, this can prove a truly costly error. If you’re looking for handouts to give away at your trade show displays, it’s imperative to put together a plan of action and execution to ensure that you determine the best item that will give you maximum leverage with participating event attendees.

When putting together your freebie strategy, always consider:

Your targeted consumer demographic: Every business has a specific client sect that it most resonates with. What’s yours? Qualifying exactly whom you’re targeting at any given event is a great way to help choose a handout that they will get excited about. Beyond age range, also consider the area that you’re exhibiting in as well. Each region brings with it their own specific preferences and styles — zeroing in on these factors will quickly showcase your organization as a corporate entity in touch with its customers.

The purpose of the item: The showroom floor of every exhibition is plagued with an abundance of pens and stress balls. Do your targeted customers really need them, and most importantly, will they keep them after the event or simply throw them in the trash at the first opportunity, making them a huge waste of your money? A good handout strategy considers the purpose of the chosen item. Strategize with your team a list of items that your demographic will find either fun or functional in their daily lives to ensure that they will hold on to your freebie for long-term promotional benefits.

Overall quality of the item: Once you’ve narrowed down a list of potential items to hand out at corporate trade show displays, it’s important to always consider the overall quality of the handout. Yes, the handout is something that you’ll be giving away for free to your booth visitors; however, giving away a cheap promotional item that quickly breaks can prove a major marketing misstep. Your business will instantly be thought of as an organization that doesn’t mind distributing “junk” to prospective clients. Always ask your premium provider for product samples in advance to ensure that you only put your brand logo and image on an item that truly is worthy of bearing your company name!

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