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Preparing For An Event With Your Trade Show Displays: 3 How-To Tips To Ensure Success

When you’re attending marketing events, the work doesn’t begin or end with the event itself. There are a lot of tasks to do before the event even begins so that you can help ensure a strong return on investment. If you’re planning on bringing your company’s trade show displays to an event, make sure that you take the time to properly prepare. Using these tips can boost your company’s bottom line, which is something any marketing manager can appreciate.

Sign Up Early To Attend With Your Trade Show Displays

Although it’s a cliche, it’s true — the early bird catches the worm. When you’re one of the first companies to sign up for an event, you may be able to request a specific spot for your trade show displays. Additionally, there could be a number of early bird discounts, which can save your company a lot of money on registration fees. Signing up early also means that you’ll be able to get a jump on employee training, which can help ensure that your staff is well-equipped to answer any questions from attendees about your business, your products or services.

Advertise Your Presence!

Next, let your customers and any potential customers know that you’re going to be at the event. Many companies choose to send out press releases, but a release isn’t the only way you can attract attention to your trade show displays. In the past, many companies used mailers to help announce their presence, but now there’s a better and less expensive way. Use Twitter and Facebook to advertise your presence and connect with your customers, but don’t stop there. Reach out to industry bloggers and journalists to help get the word out about your attendance.

Connect With Other Exhibitors

If this is an industry event, chances are good that your competition will be there. However, it’s also likely that there will be companies there that offer complementary, but not competing products. If this is the case, try to connect with these companies and see if you can help direct attendees to each others’ trade show displays. Consider holding a contest where attendees can receive a sticker or a stamp on a ‘passport’ to encourage attendees to visit each others’ trade show displays and then offer a small prize or the chance to win a larger prize to everyone who successfully visits each display. Next, pledge to share leads with each other. It may take a little coordination, but the end result could be a larger pool of potential customers without a lot of hassle.

The weeks and months before a marketing event should be just as busy as the event itself. Instead of sitting back and relaxing, make sure that you sign up early, advertise your presence with blog posts, Tweets and Facebook posts, and then try to connect with other exhibitors so you can widen your lead base. Doing these things before your trade show displays ever hit the exhibit floor can help ensure that your experience is a positive one that can improve your company’s return on investment.

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