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Planning On Using A Trade Show Installation Team? 4 Tips To Make It A Success

Exhibiting newbies might be surprised to realize that they’re not allowed to install or dismantle their own exhibit when they take it to a marketing event. However, ignorance of the rules will not excuse you from following them, so it’s important to follow these tips to ensure that your trade show installation is a success.

Choose The Right Team

You probably have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a provider to perform your trade show installation. Many people consider hiring a general contractor or an independent contractor, but you can also see if the company that designed your exhibit can perform these services. Using this company can be a great idea because they’ll be comfortable in how to install your exact model. However, also ask if they have experience in your venue. When the staff has worked there before, they’ll know where the storage is, as well as where the shipping docks are located.

Compare Contract Prices Carefully

While you need your trade show installation team to have experience, you also need to know what you can afford. Before you sign a contract, make sure that you’re getting a true comparison of the prices. For instance, a professional team may have a higher per hour labor charge but because they’re so experienced, they require fewer labor hours. In this case, going with the more experienced staff can actually save you money!

Make Sure Your Trade Show Installation Team Has Instructions For Your Booth

It’s also important that you provide your team with a full set of instructions so that they understand just how to install your exhibit. This is important even if your installers are from the company that created it. Don’t stop there, though! Mishaps can always happen — instructions could get lost or be ruined by a spilled cup of coffee. Keep your own set of instructions close and make sure a hard and electronic copy is at the office so it can be quickly faxed or emailed if needed.

Read The Venue’s Rules Before The Event

While you can rely on your trade show installation staff to understand the venue’s rules, it’s still important that you understand them as well. Before the event, take the time to read the exhibitor services manual. This rulebook will help you understand what tasks you can complete yourself and what needs to be done by your trade show installation team. Whether you’re thinking of running a vacuum across your exhibit floor or you want to take out the trash, check to see if it’s allowed. If you’re caught performing a task that is supposed to be left to a professional, your company could face fines from the event organizers.

Following these tips regarding trade show installation can help ensure that your entire exhibit experience is a positive one from start to finish. If you’re not sure how to find the perfect team to help install and dismantle your exhibit, start with the company that designed your display. If they don’t provide these services, they will surely be able to point you toward a contractor who can.

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