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Planning A Hospitality Booth? What To Include For The Best Results

Nothing brings people to your trade show stand like some treats! While giveaways are important so that your attendees have something to take home to remember your company, a hospitality booth can really attract some attention. If you’re planning on having treats at your trade show stand, here are some things to include.

Nothing Brings In Attention To Your Trade Show Stand Like Freshly Baked Cookies

If you want to have people coming to your display in droves, have some cookies baking nearby. It’s possible to find portable ovens that simply plug into a standard outlet. Couple these ovens with some frozen cookie dough and you’ll have a sweet recipe for success. Look for cookies without nuts to make sure that they’re safe for people with allergies and realize that it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with a plain old chocolate chip cookie.

Offer Health Conscious Visitors An Option

While cookies are delicious, chances are good that some visitors at your trade show stand will want a healthier option and a fruit tray is an excellent choice. If you have a local business that will create a beautiful bouquet out of fresh fruit, consider one of these simply for the wow factor alone! If not, you can always cut up some fresh fruit such as pineapple, apples, strawberries, grapes and melon. Some companies will choose to include a freshly made fruit dip, but it probably isn’t a great idea if you don’t have room for plates and napkins.

Cheese And Crackers Can Be Another Great Option

If you’re worried about keeping fruit fresh at your trade show stand, but want something a little healthier than cookies, put out a tray of cheese and crackers. It’s possible to purchase the cheese already cut into little cubes, but if you’re looking for something a little easier, have a grocery store or deli make up a tray for you.

Don’t Forget About Beverages

With all these snacks, your visitors might be thirsty. Don’t send them off in search of a water fountain! Instead, have a small basin of bottled water alongside carafes of coffee and iced tea. Disposable cups are a must in this case because if you have ceramic mugs or glass cups, the visitors at your trade show stand will likely walk off with them, leaving you with a hefty fee to the rental company. Instead, have a stack of disposable cups and a trash can so that the venue isn’t covered with trash. Lastly, don’t forget about napkins, stir sticks and individual packets of sugar, sweeteners and creamer for people who don’t like to take their coffee black.

If you’re concerned with attracting people to your trade show stand, one way to nearly guarantee visitors is to offer a hospitality booth. However, don’t let the food and beverages be the star of the show. Make sure your sales staff is well trained and comfortable with talking to potential clients and consider bringing along an administrative assistant to make sure that your snacks and beverages are attended to during the event. This will help ensure that your sales staff is able to concentrate on what they do best — selling your products or services!

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