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Participating In Trade Show Displays? Know The Five Golden Rules Of Giveaways

Working trade show displays of any size and scope requires an extensive amount of strategy and focus in order to ensure optimal success. Not only do business owners need to carefully plan custom banner stands and tradeshow booths that both compel the crowd and further brand exposure, but they also need to have a plan of action that attracts visitors to stop into the exhibit and inquire further about what a business has to offer its customer base. Without a well-executed visitor attraction strategy, even the best-designed and most-detailed tradeshow booths will fail to reap the benefits needed to officially declare each function a success.

Use Freebies In Your Trade Show Booths To Garner Crowd Attention And Interest

When it comes to luring in prospective clients to tradeshow booths, few other tactics can compare with the results that marketing giveaways offer. If you’re uncertain about including these promotional handouts at your upcoming trade show displays, read on. Understanding five important considerations when utilizing these freebies can help ensure that you stay focused on the ultimate goal (aka attracting visitors) and yield optimal return on investment during every function your organization attends.

Giveaways At Tradeshow Displays: How To Choose An Appropriate Item And More

When strategizing with your team on what type of handout to use at tradeshow displays, always keep the following “Golden Rules Of Giveaways” in mind:

Rule #1: Always give an item out that has a function and relevance specific to the crowd at the event. Consider your demographic and then brainstorm some of the latest and greatest gadgets and technologies to give the crowd something worth stopping for.

Rule #2: Never hand out merchandise that is poorly designed or made. While financial accountability is always a main priority, it’s never okay to distribute junk to the wandering crowd. If your business truly can’t afford an inexpensive yet quality product, forego freebies altogether.

Rule #3: It’s always okay to offer different handouts based on the type of lead your staff is encountering. Some businesses offer smaller items to the general population of the crowd as they wander by, while saving some higher-end merchandise for warmer leads and sales. It’s perfectly acceptable to give everyone stopping in a pen, and save things like leather bound portfolios and flash drives for more substantial conversations.

Rule #4: Never miss an opportunity to have your business name prominently displayed on your selected item. What good does a great hat, t-shirt or coffee mug do if the person using it can’t remember where she got it? Always put your company name, logo and slogan on any item you use.

Rule #5: Finally, and potentially most importantly, always have yourself and your staff ready to recognize when passersby are simply stopping into your trade show displays to get the free stuff. While your employees must ALWAYS remain polished and polite with any visitors at your tradeshow booths, they must also be able to disperse the freebie and then quickly (and graciously!) extract themselves from a potentially time wasting conversation to move on to the next prospective client.

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