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One Answer To The Question: How To Build An MLM

How to build an MLM without bugging friends and family and spending a shipload of money? Those are just two of the first thoughts and some of the most usual worries you will hear from brand new reps in the mlm industry. We’ll help to ease some of those worries in this process we call “How To Build An MLM In 6 Easy Steps”.

People make it a lot harder than it really is. In “How To Build An MLM In 6 Easy Steps” you will learn to find new leads who then become prospects and then, in some cases, business partners. It is not as expensive to use as you might think. However, I don not really believe you can build a business with no money. You need to spend at least some money and a lot of time. Your desire will provide you with most of what you need. If your desire and your reason “why” are strong enough there is no way you will fail. You can use the following steps to guide you in building your MLM business.

STEP 1. Decide On A Company

In learning how to build an mlm you first need to decide on a company to join up with. This is easy for some people and not so easy for others. If your desire is to represent a nutrition based company you’ll be swamped with choices. There are over 4000 of them. There are other categories of products if you’re not interested in health related companies.

STEP 2. Generate Leads

In How To Build An MLM In 6 Easy Steps this second step is the toughest of all. If you don not have people to talk to, otherwise known as marketing, you will not have a business. Whether you decide to market online or offline try to focus on one method until you master it or its obvious it is not a good method.

STEP 3. Become A Leader

If you’re going to show other people how to build an mlm you are going to have to become the leader they are looking for. How do you do that? You become a student first. Mike Dillard calls this step “being a pre-alpha”. His 3 steps are beta, pre-alpha and alpha. When you become an alpha that is when you will start to attract people to you. You do this by reading (readers are leaders), studying and then reading and studying some more.

STEP 4. Set Up Your How To Build An MLM Plan

Just like you there are people who are going to come behind you. There are people now that you think of as leaders. Some of those people might not know as much as you think they do. Does it matter? Not as long as you think of them as a leader. When you first got into the mlm world, whether online or off, you found people you thought of as leaders.

That’s what you can do for the people who come behind you and there will always be people coming up. Set yourself up so that you are thought of as knowing more than the people who are looking. It doesn’t take much to know more than someone who is brand new.

STEP 5. Be The Attraction

Whether you decide to focus your marketing efforts online or off or both, you simply make your presence known and let people come to you. Now that is not to say sign up with a company, lock your self up with the remote and wait for people to sign up. It is not going to happen.

With offline marketing you can do a lot of things like running ads, posting flyers, using drop cards etc. Online you set up a website that helps people to learn what you have learned. When people approach you all you can do is present them with your opportunity whether that is with a video online, a dvd, written material, whatever.

Then you sort through people. That is why you have to find an effective marketing strategy that attracts as many people as possible. The more people you have to sort through, the better.

STEP 6. Follow up with people

Whatever you do, do not have contact and show people your opportunity and then just forget about them. For offline set up a system where you keep track of your prospects and just check back with them every certain amount of time. You can follow up with prospects after say 30 days, 90 days, 6 months and then yearly. People’s circumstances change and you’ll never know what’s going on unless you are following up with them.

This is a lot easier online because once you get people onto your list your autoresponder will follow up with them automatically.

“How To Build An MLM In 6 Easy Steps” is a general guideline to your success in the mlm industry. You must never stop learning. The more you know the better off you and the people who follow and look up to you will be.

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