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More Traffic Means More Potential Sales For Your Online Business

Online businesses rightly consider targeted traffic generation as one of the pillars – probably the most important, too – of profit generation. Traffic refers to the quantity and quality of visitors to the website that can then be persuaded via its contents to patronize the products and/or services being offered. Let’s take a closer look at the quantity and quality aspects.

On one hand, the quantity of traffic generated by the website refers to the number of third-party visitors. Little to no concern is then placed on the quality of the visitors since the main aim is to attract as many visitors as possible. The rationale here is that the higher the traffic, the higher the opportunities for conversions – or sales, in layman’s terms. On the other hand, the quality of traffic generated by the website pertains to the desired target market as visitors. Keep in mind that the main concern is in attracting the right kind of prospective customers to the site so that sustainable conversions can be made.

To illustrate the difference, think of the websites of competitors, say, ABC with emphasis on quantity and XYZ with focus on quality. ABC has 1,000 visitors per day but only 100 are target customers while XYZ only has 500 visitors per day but 300 are target customers. XYZ will most likely enjoy a higher conversion rate (60%) in comparison with ABC (10%), which translates to higher profits for the former.

The bottom line: Yes, more traffic means more potential sales for the online business but that’s not the be-all and end-all of profit generation. You must also ensure that the good quantity of traffic streaming into your website is also of good quality. Your marketing plan should then be geared toward targeted traffic generation.

There are several ways to do so including:

-Add a blog to your website. Post relevant, fresh and helpful content with long-tail keywords in the posts.

-Include targeted keywords in each page of the website. Experts suggest 3 to 5 keywords for each page each month, which will multiply your online presence.

-Use SEO strategies to climb to the first page of search engines.

-Connect with online communities via blog comments and guests posts, which are great for back links, and forum participation. Being seen as an expert in your field will work to your advantage in generating targeted traffic.

With diligence, your efforts in targeted traffic generation will pay off in terms of conversions, sales and profits!

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