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Monitor Chosen Keywords For Traffic And Competition

Keyword researching plays a very important role in search engine optimization in general. It is important to spend a lot of time figuring out which keyword phrases pair well with your website. It is likely to come up with all sorts of keyword phrases but the research is necessary to tackle the competition and discover which keywords are likely to attract more traffic. But you don’t stop there after you think you have the necessary keywords to increase your site ranking. It is also very important to monitor whatever keywords you selected as well because search engine trends can change at any time.

Keyword monitoring is basically a process of conducting multiple researches of important keyword phrases. Unlike the previous years, more people are active in social networking sites and that activity can affect the popularity of a keyword phrase. People can easily post about something from their mobile device or computer and that particular post may contain one of your targeted keyword phrases. As long as the post is about something positive towards your company, you can conclude that your targeted keyword is doing your business good. However, keywords are like double-edged swords as there might be other posts containing that same keyword phrase but the overall content is about something negative regarding your company or something positive regarding a competitor.

Keyword monitoring really helps you find out where your company, brand, product or service stands right now and it is essential that you know this so you can react accordingly. For instance, if you spot any posts by your satisfied customers on Twitter or Facebook, you can thank them by replying to those posts so anybody subscribed to your account can see how good your company is. Constantly interacting with your customers will help develop your image even if you are responding to criticism.

All you have to do in order to get started is to learn how to use some of the free tools for keyword monitoring like Google Alerts. Some services like Social Mention and TweetDeck are more focused on social networking sites.

Once you understand how these tools work, simply monitor the certain keyword phrases like your company name as well as your website address. Come up with any other keyword variations related to your company name including key personnel. Then research your competitors and monitor their main keywords as well. This is an effective method of keyword monitoring because you conveniently receive alerts via email giving you the opportunity to react very quickly.

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