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Minimizing The Cost Of Your Trade Show Displays

Cutting costs is vital — companies are doing more with less in nearly every industry. Many are reporting that they’re cutting marketing costs in an effort to keep workers employed and to avoid cutting benefits. However, they know that eliminating the marketing budget entirely can be disastrous to their efforts. If you’re looking at trying to minimize the cost of taking your trade show exhibits to an event, this guide’s for you.

Barter, Barter, Barter!

If you’re short on cash, try to barter your way into exhibiting at a marketing expo. Ask the event organizers if you can work the registration booth, information booth or help desk in exchange for a spot for your trade show exhibits. You might surprised at how receptive many event organizers can be to this idea, even if no one has ever asked before. The worse thing that can happen is that they say no, which means you have nothing to lose and quite a bit to gain.

Negotiate A Smaller Display Space And Take Advantage Of Banner Stands

Most exhibit spaces are either 10 x 10 or 10 x 20, but that doesn’t mean those are the only spaces available for trade show exhibits. If you’re short on cash, but still want to make a big impact, ask the organizers if you can pay to use a smaller space and simply bring some banner stands. Banner stands are significantly smaller than regular trade show exhibits, which means you don’t need as much space. If the organizers aren’t sure how this idea could work, ask if they could split two display spaces up between three companies. You’ll all have the space you need for your banner stands, but won’t feel cramped and will likely be able to pay a smaller fee.

Ask Your People To Share Hotel Rooms

Many companies budget for a hotel room for each person who’s attending with their trade show displays. However, this can be an exorbitant expense. Instead, ask if employees of the same gender would mind sharing a hotel room. You could easily cut your hotel bill in half and since employees will likely only use their rooms for sleeping, it isn’t a terrible inconvenience. Try to put employees with like personalities together — everyone will get along better if you don’t put a morning person with a night owl, for instance.

While taking trade show displays to an event is usually expensive, most companies agree that the cost is well worth it. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with whatever cost the event organizers decide on. Try to barter for a reduced fee, but if that doesn’t work see if you can share an exhibit space with another non-competing business. Lastly, ask your employees to share a hotel room to cut costs even further. These are only a few of the ways savvy businesses can cut costs while still getting the maximum impact out of their trade show displays.

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