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Maximizing Your Business Website: Top Tips For Increasing IT ROI

Have you updated the design and layout of your business website, but aren’t quite sure how well your new online look is paying off? You’re not alone; many business owners realize that simply going live with a beautiful new website design does not automatically guarantee marketing results.

As with any promotional initiative, it’s important to gain a firm grasp on the facts and details that your site can tell you about critical components such as traffic and conversions. In order to truly delve into how well your site is doing, you must enhance your IT solutions to ensure that you’re not only managing your website, you’re maximizing how hard it’s working for you.

Key Ways To Optimize Results With Your New Website Layout

When you’re ready to get started on optimizing your site management, consider the following resources as part of your IT solutions:

Real-time reporting/data analysis: Even the most visually compelling and user-friendly online pages mean nothing without tangible, real-time reporting and analysis features. Including customized dashboards and analytics as part of your IT solutions can help you quickly get a handle on what’s working with your site… and what could use further tweaking and enhancing to deliver the results you’ll need to stand apart from the competition.

Search engine optimization: Maximizing the opportunities for your specific demographic to find your website is a must in today’s globally connected buying pool — search engine optimization helps your organization do just that. From link building and targeted keywords, to sitemaps and meta descriptions, including a customized search engine optimization initiative proves an ideal complement to your site and can help ensure that you are truly maximizing your online potential.

Content merchandising: Sure, your website may be easy to navigate, but does it give your prospective client base access to what they are looking for? Implementing a strategic content merchandising campaign can be a useful resource in your IT solutions tool bag. Featuring updated, clickable pictures and videos on your site can help entice viewers to continue to browse your site long enough to convert window shoppers into purchasers.

Social media integration: It’s no secret that incorporating social media resources into a marketing campaign can prove a formidable promotional approach for business owners in every industry. Combining this globally embraced forum with your website can even further enhance your brand’s breadth and exposure. Always include your latest product and service updates on your social media outlets with clickable links to continuously drive traffic, not only to the website itself, but to the specific pages where you have the best odds of closing a deal.

Mobile Apps: What’s one of the best ways to consistently drive a steady stream of visitor traffic to your online business site? Incorporate the use of a mobile application as part of your IT solutions and strategies. Allowing your consumer audience the ability to access your online pages wherever they may roam plays an integral part in increasing visitor traffic. Most importantly, including a mobile app as part of your IT solutions can extend brand recognition and create loyalty, instantly putting your business a cut above the competition.

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