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Maximize Your Convention Efforts: A Simple Guide Of Do’s And Don’ts At Your Trade Show Displays

Companies looking to go head-to-head with the competition understand that nothing can deliver face-to-face client engagement like trade show displays can. Whether your business needs to bump up the potential lead and networking quotient or you’re simply looking to generate a little industry buzz based on an upcoming new product or service, trade show displays and banner stands can help you receive the promotional results you need to help best sustain your organization. Best of all, marketing conventions deliver an up-close and personal opportunity for your team to casually size up the competition and ensure that your business consistently looks like the industry leader that it is.

Preparation Is Key For Optimal Success At Trade Show Displays

While the return on investment with exhibits and booths is unquestionable, it’s important to remember that, as with any marketing initiative, success hinges firmly on strategy and execution on every level. Businesses looking to attain optimal achievement need to have a plan put in place to help solidify efforts and be best prepared to leverage every client interaction as it occurs at your trade show display. In short, it’s never wise to wing it when preparing to do battle at the next marketing event.

Keep The Rules Simple When Seeking Results At The Next Convention

If you haven’t taken the time to create a convention plan of action, fret not. Coordinating your execution at these important events does not require a lot of heavy orchestration in order to achieve success. Start with some basic “do’s” and “don’ts” first – from there the sky’s the limit! When participating in trade show displays always (aka “do”):

1. Have your staff wear the most comfortable footwear possible that still lends a sense of professionalism throughout the event.
2. Take the time before the event to carefully and systematically read through the existing list of attendees and devise a simple plan to connect with everyone you need to at each function.
3. Ensure your team takes a moment to peruse the booths of the competition – it’s vital to get a firm gauge on what your opponents are currently offering to ensure your business retains its industry foothold.
4. Encourage your employees to prepare for an entire day of engagement – bottled water, snacks and even a toothbrush and toothpaste can help them feel energetic and ready to manage the throngs of guests throughout the day.
5. Have an initial contact strategy in place to help quickly determine which visitors to your trade show displays and banner stands are solid leads – and which guests should be politely (and professionally!) handed marketing literature so your staff member can move on.

Conversely, when participating in trade show displays never (aka “don’t”):

1. Continue to participate in exhibits that just can’t produce the crowds you need to generate leads – know when to call it quits.
2. Circulate outdated marketing material and business cards.
3. Eat or drink in the booth – coordinate breaks appropriately so everyone can regroup as needed.
4. Manage sales conversations with yes or no questions – always keep the dialogue flowing with relevant, open-ended inquiries.
5. Ever (ever, ever!) leave your trade show displays unattended – doing so is a surefire way to guarantee a client ready to buy will be stopping in, only to move on to your fiercest (and present) competitor.

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