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Maximize ROI On Your Trade Show Displays: Know How To Pick The Right Events

We’ve all heard the old adages, “Don’t work harder, work smarter,” or, “It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.” While often associated with daily work routines, companies working the marketing convention circuit should also pay particular attention to these mantras. In order to truly maximize return on investment and ensure that a business leverages every prospective opportunity when setting up banner stands and booths for trade shows, it’s not about working as many events as possible throughout the year. Instead, yielding a high return can rest firmly on opting to participate in a few select conventions that are guaranteed to deliver desired results.

Is There A Science To Determining Where To Set Up Trade Show Displays?

But how does one determine which conventions offer an opportunity for maximum return on investment? Some companies arbitrarily designate random events to attend and simply hope for the best. Still others spend hours and countless internal resources calculating extensive data to formulate an informed opinion. Fortunately, these aren’t the only options available. There a few proven (yet, quickly executed!) tactics that can help your organization stop spinning wheels at conventions that don’t deliver and instead focus on the quality functions that will provide the return on investment you need to justify the practice of setting up trade show displays to promote your organization.

Easy Techniques To Determine Where Business Displays Will Yield Success

First and foremost, never attempt to select specific marketing conventions without having a solid list of goals you hope to achieve by participating in these events. Remember, trade show displays fall under your company’s marketing umbrella. Like any other promotional technique, you’ll want to have a firm focus on objectives to help you best gauge overall success.

Once you have your event goals compiled, it’s time to do a little research on upcoming events. One of the best ways to decide where your corporate displays will prove most successful is to hone in on a show management firm that your company has always had success with. Signing up for subsequent events with a favored management firm will help give your company an edge over the competition since you’ll have inside information on how the firm operates each event.

Finding out where your competition is setting up booths for trade shows is another great way to help pare down the list of potential events. Periodically scan your biggest competitor’s social media pages to hear about their upcoming trade show displays directly. Also, always ask the event management to send a list of participants before you sign up.

Finally, always use the best resource you have access to – your customers! Obviously, they are a fair representation of your organization’s targeted demographic. Choose a select few and ask them which trade show displays they are most likely to attend and why. Their answers just may surprise you and give you invaluable insight on where prospective consumers are likely to convene, as well as places they will probably avoid!

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