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Marketing Trends To Incorporate In Your Next Trade Show Booths

If you’re interested in some of the hottest trends in event marketing, you’re not alone. Trends for 2014 include green trade show booths, apps that help customers connect with service providers and increasing digital content to really make an impact in any industry. If you’re not sure whether a business can or should incorporate these trends at the next event, learn a little more about them here.

Use Green Practices In Trade Show Booths

Sustainability and green practices have been a trend for a few years, but it appears that it is here to stay. To make a positive impact on the environment with trade show booths, look for green elements such as eco-friendly inks, LED lighting, bamboo flooring and marketing materials printed on recycled papers. If sustainable trade show booths are important, talk to a design company and ask them what they can do to help the exhibit “go green.”

Have An App Designed For Customers

The phrase “there’s an app for that” is certainly true. These days, it seems like there’s an application for nearly every company or use, so every business should be taking advantage of this! Think about how customers might be able to use an app and have one designed to meet their needs. Make sure that it’s useful, though — a useless app will be quickly deleted so users can free up other space on their devices. One piece of information that can be included in the app is the placement of trade show booths. This enables that customers can easily find you at the event. Also, make sure to create an app for both Apple and Android operating systems. This ensures that the information will be able to reach nearly everyone at the event.

Share Digital Content At Trade Show Booths

The term “content is king” isn’t just a catchy phrase. Many companies are focusing their efforts on providing quality, useful content for their customers. If there is a video monitor at your display, have a personal slideshow, video or even a webcast designed so that it can be playing on a continuous loop at the exhibit. However, don’t stop there. One of the hottest trends is having this content pushed to your customers’ mobile phones or tablet computers. A little bit of technical research may be required to make this happen, so it’s important to start planning this step early.

If content can’t be automatically pushed to your attendees, you can still create great digital content. Share it on the website or through the company’s social media pages. To download information, make sure that customers are sharing their contact information, such as their name, email address and phone number. This ensures that you can connect with them after the show, creating more sales leads for the company.

While these trends aren’t the only ones to be found in the event marketing world, they’re three good ones to incorporate in your next show. Plan a meeting with your exhibit designer and your IT staff to see if you can use green practices, design an app or create digital content to play at your booth.

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