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Marketing SMS Text July 2013

When a company contemplates whether to begin a marketing campaign utilizing SMS text there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. As with any advertising campaign the company needs to consider who their target audience will be, how they will launch the marketing SMS text and how they will promote that campaign.

First rule to remember when deciding who the target market will be is to remember the individual consumer and focus on them rather than the dollar sign. When the company considers their product and who will be the most likely consumer to purchase it then they can begin to create a SMS marketing text campaign around that target market. By tailoring the campaign to a specific market the company increases its chances of being noticed by that group.

Once the target market is identified creating a marketing campaign geared toward their particular tastes will be easy. Create contests that encourage consumers to use short codes from their cell phones to enter them. Use in store signage, billboards and social networks to promote contests and coupon downloads. A catchy commercial, song or picture spreads like wildfire on social networks and through email. The ability to create a “shared” experience will help the company reach a larger audience. An infectious jingle that is easy to remember and recite will be used in tag lines on texts, email and social sites by individuals and is an excellent way to create and maintain brand recognition.

Second thing to consider are the purchase histories of each customer. Frequently customers are being asked for their phone numbers and email addresses at point of sales each time they make a purchase. The company can analyze this information and send only coupons that the customer would use rather than mass sending every coupon to each individual who has opted in. The problem that arises with sending each person every coupon is that they become overwhelmed with texts and may become annoyed. A negative reaction is not what marketing SMS text should illicit. Consumers should almost look forward to receiving a marketing text from companies because it means that something they want is on sale or an exciting event is coming up. The ability to personalize the SMS marketing text campaign will help maintain the reputation of the company as respectable and worthwhile and consumers will be more inclined to maintain their relationship.

Marketing SMS text is an easy and effective way for companies to maintain customer loyalty as long as they remember to tailor the SMS text marketing experience to the customer. This personalization of marketing SMS texts to the customers particular needs helps to build a loyal customer base by making each person feel special. By focusing on the person and not the money the campaign will be a success. Creating engaging marketing campaigns surrounding the SMS text marketing helps build on the initial customer base as individuals share their experiences. Large or small each company can use marketing SMS text to reach their full potential.

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