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Managing Your Social Media Accounts Even If You Are Pressed For Time

Though it is understandable that you may not always have time to update your social media sites and keep up with the latest news in your industry, it does not mean that it is okay. If you are always strained for time that you are already neglecting to connect with your customers and fans of your business, our tips below will surely help you get back on track and improve your Internet marketing efforts.

Dedicating 10 minutes a day to update your social media accounts and answer those who have been trying to connect with you is not hard for anyone to do. Instead of doing something unproductive, make your ten minutes count. By doing so, you prove to your customers that you care and you really take time to interact with them.

If you think that you really do not have 10minutes to update your social media accounts, asking other members of your team, who are passionate about active and sincere brand engagement, to do it for you is also a good idea. Just make sure to tell your team to identify the messages or comments coming in. If the message is a bit general, ask them to answer it on your behalf. If, however, the comment or message tends to be a bit complicated or personal, it would be better that you answer it yourself. Aside from reacting to your customers’ comments, keeping the interest of your customers alive in relation to your company is also important. Make sure to brainstorm with your team regarding the kind of topics or discussions that can make your fans or customers keep on coming back to your page. When search engines notice that a lot of activity is happening on your account on a daily basis, the more they’ll trust your site, and the more your site earns authority thereby improving your search engine rankings.

Aside from asking someone to monitor and update your account regularly, it will also be a good idea if you start automating things using some Internet marketing tools like Hootsuite and Posterous Spaces. With these Internet marketing tools, your updates can be scheduled and can be published in all your social networking sites with just a single click. For instance, if you think you will have no time to post updates in the next few days, you can already type in your status updates today and have it posted in the days when you’ll be gone. With regards to where you want your updates posted, all you need to do is sync your social networking accounts with Hootsuite and Posterous Spaces and they’ll be the one to publish your updates in all your accounts on the day when you want it posted. By automating your updates, you’ll have no reason to neglect your social media accounts.

If you cannot do at least one of the tips we have shared above, then better if you just close your account and forget Internet marketing as well as boosting your online presence. Social networking is all about connecting with people and not just registering your company to sites like Facebook and Twitter and forgetting all about it when you are busy. If you want to maximize your online presence, you will make time for social media optimization and in keeping your customers updated and satisfied all the time.

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