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Managing Trade Show Metrics And More: Three Important Ways To Maximize Trade Show ROI

Including marketing conventions as part of any business’ promotional campaign can reap an extensive range of benefits. Engaging and interacting with hundreds of prospective buyers (who are already somewhat interested in what your business offers!), seeing firsthand what’s new in your industry, networking and converting conversations into sales are just some of the many value-add features that tradeshows deliver to exhibitors. However, if success at these events sounds like a simple, straightforward process, think again. Like any marketing initiative, maximizing business at a trade show requires carefully planning, strategy and overall stellar execution. Otherwise, potentially interested clients will quickly wander away from your stands into the waiting arms of the competition.

Fortunately, there are some techniques that business owners can employ to ensure that their team is always maximizing business at a trade show. If you’re ready to engage, interact, strategically leverage and optimize trade show ROI at every event, read on; implementing three important event tactics can help ensure you walk away a winner each and every time.

Procure Booth Staff Training For Ultimate Trade Show ROI

Beyond the look and final fit and finish of your business booth, your staff attending the event is the most critical component to reaping the best ROI at any function. Teaming with a professional consulting firm that specializes in maximizing business at a trade show is an excellent way to get your staff ready to effectively engage with the masses. It’s important to remember that working the convention circuit is not like other sales opportunities your staff encounters. These events are live and completely unpredictable – your team needs to be ready to roll with whatever random punches come their way.

A consulting business will offer a variety of booth staff training modules designed specifically to suit your employee’s needs. They will provide onsite, remote and even tradeshow software models to deliver a customized fit that complements your customer base and industry. If you’re ready to effectively leverage and reap tradeshow ROI, incorporating booth staff training should be first on the action item list.

Booth Giveaways And Post-Trade Show Metrics: Two Final Critical Components

Once your staff is ready to rock the showroom, it’s important to consider two final components to pinnacle tradeshow ROI. Even the best prepared sales force is wasted if no visitors stop into your exhibit to get a closer look at your services and wares. Strategize a stand attraction to ensure that your display is the talk of the convention. From exciting giveaways to traffic building attractions like golf simulators or even a money booth, finding the right draw for the crowd can give you a major edge over the competition!

Finally, always gather and manage trade show metrics after every event. These metrics are the best way to determine which functions are yielding the best results. Most importantly, managing these metrics is a great way for your organization to hone in on which tactics are working for your team and which need modification. You can tweak accordingly based on these analytics to ensure your staff is always maximizing return on investment at every convention!

Marketech360 understands that maximizing business at a trade show ( is a major priority. That’s why they offer extensive booth staff training and trade show metrics to help clients optimize trade show ROI. Want to hear more about marketech360′s proven convention approach? Contact the company today at!

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