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Making Connections Using Traditional Marketing

Marketing has evolved throughout the years, happening at an ever fastening pace with todays technology. While it is a wonderful idea to embrace new techniques and trends, it would be unwise for companies to throw out all tried and true traditional marketing methods.

There is a reason why companies have thrived through word of mouth, print advertising, events and other such methods they receive response through exposure to a given target audience. So while online marketing techniques are valuable, it is important not to replace but to integrate both traditional and online marketing techniques make for a powerful campaign.

Network with your target audience and create connections
I dont know about you, but I find myself drawn to and interacting with companies that I have had personal experiences with. One of the best ways to make a great first impression and create an emotional connection through interaction is to be face to face with your consumer. This means something simple; make your brand be seen and begin valuable conversations that will result in business interaction.

Getting involved with local organizations and groups may lead to opportunities for speaking engagements and presentations. Holding events or open houses with swag, refreshments and valuable information can have a powerful draw on people in your community. They also provide a great place for connections to be made and business to generate.

Another benefit from interacting with your target audience face to face is that it gives you a chance to capture testimonials in additional methods to writing. A video or audio clip of a testimonial, whether from an industry guru, consumer, or reporter, can add a further dimension to your marketing campaign that can affect people in a different way than reading words on a page. Watching or hearing the enthusiasm in ones voice about your product or service often brings a higher emotional connection.

While you network, be sure to have print material on hand.
There are many different methods to utilize in print advertising. Direct mailers have proven to be one of the most successful print advertising methods around.

A well designed mailer that promotes your business should let the potential consumer know what your company is about and what it has to offer that is different than competing companies. Flyers and brochures provide this information to your target audience in a nice complete package that will be easy for them to remember. Not only should you mail these materials to your current and potential client list, but you can also drop your brochures and flyers off at local businesses, events, or with the organizations youve gotten involved with (after getting permission).

Another essential piece of material every business person should keep on hand is a business card. Business cards can prove useful at any time in almost every situation. After all, you never know if youll run into a business opportunity on your morning stop at the local Starbucks. When this happens, you have just minutes to make a good impression, so it is important to leave something as a reminder to your potential customer that your company is there for them and their needs.

One more method for a company to promote their business, especially when there is a special running or an upcoming event, is to distribute a press release. These are great because it gives a company more room to explain who they are and what they have to offer. Press releases can also be distributed online, making it a part of your online marketing strategy as well.

Though online marketing is important to thriving in todays market, one must not forget about the traditional marketing methods that have proven valuable throughout the years. Interacting with your audience both on and offline creates powerful connections. Once youve made that connection, providing simple but powerful reminders of what you have to offer through various print materials are important for thriving business.

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