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Liking The Leveled Market In Facebook

Facebook is the biggest platform for social media marketing. It sets a fair and level playing field to big companies and small businesses alike because it is very inexpensive and it enables everyone similar capabilities in reaching out to prospective consumers. With about 950 million active users in the website who are active at least once a month, users who just had to be kept updated with the activities and events surrounding their friends and families or simply wanted to pass time playing different games, it is no wonder that companies have heavily invested and capitalized in Facebook. The potential of Facebook in sales, marketing and advertising still has much room to be explored.

However, as time passed and the competition in Facebook rose, the supposed fair and level field between companies started to experience a disparity. This is the disparity of the established companies and new companies that are their direct competitors. Newcomers to the market in the web are daunted by the mere number of competition that sell similar or alternative products as they and the popularity they have amassed merely by getting there first.

Such popularity was manifested in the number of likes of the brand. It did not take long for a new innovation to tip the balance back to the level playing field that Facebook once was. Recognizing the marketing device that the likes have turned into, companies started to make a business out of selling these to simulate the perceived effectiveness, popularity and credibility of brands. Purely out of the motivation to make profit, it inadvertently evened the field once again for rising businesses.

Now, new businesses could play at par with the established companies when they buy facebook likes. And they also realized another benefit of having a sizeable number of likes in their brands. Users have been comparing similar products and have been persuaded by the brand with more likes and as they gained more likes, sales increased as well.

There is a networking effect in the sales of the business when they buy facebook likes. The people who are interested in the product passed the word to their friends and family who then tried and used the product and passed it onward and as they did so they liked the brand on Facebook. This pattern repeated itself without the intervention of the company. This was such a departure from the classic advertising they did and they realized how much money they wasted to people who weren’t even interested to buy their products in the first place.

Having experienced these benefits first-hand, they have invested and capitalized to buy facebook likes. The marketing device that the Like button turned into paved the way to a more competitive but more accessible market environment that is Facebook which also encouraged the entrepreneurial spirit. Success isn’t too far off even to rising businesses and they shouldn’t be daunted that bigger companies have gone ahead before them. Facebook truly has become the frontier of innovative sales, marketing, and advertising.

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