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Lesser Known Holidays To Incorporate Into Your Door Hanger Advertising Campaign

Some holidays naturally match retail promotions. For instance, the New Year almost always means deep discounts on exercise equipment and workout clothing and President’s Day is usually celebrated with sales on major home appliances and furniture. However, these aren’t the only holidays that can be commemorated with sales and a door hanger advertising campaign. Days and events such as Earth Day, April Fool’s, St. Patrick’s and even the Academy Awards can all be celebrated with sales, depending on your industry. Here are a few ways you can incorporate these holidays into your industry’s promotion.

Home Improvement Chains Can Use Door Hanger Advertising For A Springtime Promotion

Earth Day and the first day of spring are when homeowners are in major landscaping or home maintenance mode. If you’re looking to get customers in your home improvement store, let them know about special workshops that will teach them what types of landscaping works best in your climate and offer a discount on plants purchased that day. Additionally, you can run specials on equipment rentals such as power washers or ladders that can be used for power washing siding or other maintenance projects.

Don’t Be A Fool! Used Door Hanger Advertising For April Fool’s Promotions

April Fool’s is fun for pranksters of all ages, but cell phone providers, cable providers and even electronic stores can all use funny advertising campaigns that highlight deep discounts on cell phones, calling plans and cable contracts. These amusing campaigns and great discounts can work together to encourage customers to stop into your store or to sign up for new service with your company. Additionally, some of these funny campaigns can go viral online, increasing your campaign’s reach.

Celebrate Green With Door Hanger Advertising For St. Patrick’s

In the United States, St. Patrick’s Day is known for debauchery and people all over the country search for green clothing so they don’t get pinched all day long. If you have a department store, encourage sales by offering special discounts on green clothing, shoes and jewelry items in the week before the holiday. It’s unlikely that customers will only buy green clothing, shoes or jewelry, which can help you increase your sales across the entire store.

Movie Theaters Can Use Door Hanger Advertising To Fill The Seats Around Academy Award Time

The Academy Awards are Hollywood’s biggest night and many people rush to the movies to see their favorite films before the awards are handed out. This makes Academy Award season the best possible moment for a movie theater promotion. Advertise specials on popcorn or other movie theater snacks and moviegoers will flock to your theater for a night out with Hollywood.

While these holidays aren’t typically a part of a retail store’s promotional calendar, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be. If you’re interested in finding new ways to increase your sales and drive customers into your store or movie theater, get creative with your door hanger advertising campaign. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate Earth Day, April Fool’s, St. Patrick’s or the Academy Awards into your company’s promotions.

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