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The internet industry has been very successful that almost anyone who knows how to use it has been indulging in various social media sites. There is also a bigger need for companies to have their websites and engage in ecommerce. The medium has made everything fast and convenient.

The development in the use of the internet has led to new industry needs. In this case, there is a new need for search engine optimization. Since online presence is very important a lot of new or unknown companies, blogs and ecommerce sites can benefit a lot from proper SEO.

It is a fact that search engines have their own algorithms. Still, it is a general rule that websites only employ white hat SEO practices or strategies. The most common mistake is for sites to have plagiarized information from existing sites. Once proven, a site that does this kind of strategy can actually lose its online presence permanently.

For somebody who has basic or even zero knowledge about SEO must depend on his or her proper research. It is very challenging and it takes a lot of patience to learn and avoid the practices that are deemed unacceptable by major search engines. Once you get the hang of it, the fruits of your labor can be very rewarding.

Any website’s goal is to have enough traffic for it to gain popularity. For sites that heavily rely on selling their products or service, a good traffic to their sites would mean an increase in their earnings. It is not an easy task to achieve since the competition for the right keywords is tight.

One needs to look for a keyword that is less filled. One must know the keyword or keyword phrases that people are usually using when searching for something online. In this case, the Keyword Suggester Tool will be a good ally.

It is a free website that helps in finding top keywords search and even extended keyword ideas. Just type a keyword and will populate a list of ideas. The left hand pane of the page will show the top keyword phrases and the center portion is Google’s recommended list. This is a recommended tool when looking for niche keywords or just plain ideas if one is having a writer’s block.

The website keyword suggestions is a helpful tool for existing sites or even blogs. All you have to do is enter the URL of your site and the tool will populate keyword suggestions together with the number of searches generated. This will give an idea on the contents that are lacking in your site or webpage.

There is also the SEOTest that one can use. All you have to do is to enter the URL and keyword that you are trying to check. The tool will examine numerous SEO aspects and will generate a grade with relevant suggestions on what is lacking and how you can improve the areas that are poor in optimization. It will provide helpful information about the keyword density, descriptions, title, keywords, tags and page load time.

These are just some of the basic and free tools that anyone can use. This is very useful for those who are starting a new blog, website or ecommerce site. Learning these tools will be very helpful for those who want to dabble in SEO related jobs.

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