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Mobile marketing continues to change the way in which businesses sell their products and services to their target market. Indeed, it is one of the most useful tools in the marketing plans of businesses but its basics must be mastered before its benefits can be enjoyed. Here are the frequently answered questions and their answers about the topic.

What is mobile marketing? Basically, it is the use of mobile devices like cell phones, smart phones and tablets as a means of providing target consumers with advertising information. Said information should be time-sensitive and location-sensitive, which promotes particular products and services with the main aim being to generate value for the target consumers.

With virtually every individual using at least one mobile device, the importance of mobile marketing in business cannot be overemphasized. Studies have shown that mobile marketing messages such as texts are read within 15 minutes after being sent, which is in contrast with other forms of online marketing.

What are the best forms of mobile marketing for small-sized to medium-sized businesses? Keep in mind that there are two basic types, namely, SMS and apps. Your choice between the two types will boil down to your marketing goals. Take note that SMS messages can be received in both cell phones and smart phones but only smart phones can receive apps. You should then select the option that your target customers are most likely to receive and, consequently, act on.

Tip: Invest in mobile marketing apps with an open configuration. It must be noted that mobile web browser capability is more important than apps quality.

What can you expect to pay for mobile marketing? Fortunately, there are several cost plans available for every budget so much so that a shoestring budget can include several SMS and apps.

Choices in costs range from as little as $200 for a basic mobile marketing plan to $2,000 and up for a more comprehensive plan. Take note of recurring costs, too, which can be based on the number of SMS sent.

Regardless of the cost plan, businesses must have two essential things when using mobile marketing – a keyword and a short code. Since an exclusive short code can be expensive – prices start at $1,000 per month – small businesses are well-advised to maximize a shared short code instead. After all, it is not so much the cost of advertising that matters but the quality of the message, which is all-too-true in the online world where everything can quickly go viral.

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