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Latest Live Marketing Trends: Which Ones Impact Your Trade Show Displays?

Live encounter marketing events have proven an impressive promotional resource for the past several decades. While most advertising forums allow for marketing at consumers, trade show displays actually enable entrepreneurs the chance for marketing to consumers. Delivering virtually endless opportunities for business owners to get their services and product lines in front of a live audience, trade show displays enjoy a place of high esteem in the marketing mix of businesses of every size and scope.

Trade Show Displays: An Evolving Marketing Medium

Like any advertising resource, trade show displays constantly evolve with time and consumer trends. In order to effectively and consistently maximize return on investment, business owners in every industry must carefully consider the very latest industry innovations. Being able to efficiently eliminate the passing fads from the sustainable resources that deliver long lasting results can help your trade show displays command attention and separate your organization from the competing pact.

Some of the latest trends you may want to consider when brainstorming your trade show display campaign include:

More informed buyers: Today’s consumers are savvier than ever; many of the attendees at trade show displays will actually look up details on participating vendors online to arm themselves with the information they’ll need to get the best event deals possible. Having a prominent online presence can help your prospective clients brush up on everything your organization is about before the day of the event.

Tougher pre-show promotions: Modern entrepreneurs recognize that consumers can quickly ignore many traditional promotional tactics. Emails get deleted, phone calls ignored and mailers get promptly tossed in the trash. What’s the best way to combat this consumer trend? Work harder to engage the crowd at your exhibit during the function. Up your swag offerings, give live demonstrations, deliver presentations to the crowd. In short, do whatever it takes to optimize promotional value at your exhibit.

Social media pages: While traditional marketing measures may get overlooked and ignored, online resources, such as social media pages have proven a resource that’s here to stay. Utilize your company’s social media pages to promote the conventions you’ll be attending as soon as possible to ensure you get the turnout you deserve.

Technology more than just a plus: What’s the quickest way to let your competition outshine your company at an exhibit? Ignore all the technology innovations available to presenters. Savvy consumers not only love technology. . . they actually use it as a measuring tool to determine which companies have staying power. Flat screens, electronic tablets and laptops are just some of the ways you can effectively use technology within your trade show displays for maximum results.

Analysis a must: Finally, gone forever are the days when business owners can claim an exhibit a success simply by the overall vibe they got during the event. Instead, it’s imperative to systematically go through all the data, facts and details collected during the exhibit. Analyzing specific components (number of qualified leads, conversions, networking opportunities) can give you concrete evidence on which functions prove worthy of your investment, and which ones may be left off of next year’s schedule.

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