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Landing Pages: Why They’re Important

A landing page is a page that visitors to your website will arrive at after they click on a specific link, often which is an advertisement. Landing pages are also known as “landers” and “lead capture pages” and they are an essential compliment to any website that is serious about content marketing or search engine marketing. In fact, landing pages are often comprised of strategically written copy that somewhat piggybacks off of the link that was originally clicked on.

For example, if the advertisement on a website is showing off a new product, the landing page may have more detailed information on said product, such as the cost, uses, shelf life, company info, etc. In other words, the initial advertisement link is the tease and the landing page that the user is directed to is the payoff.

You’re able to control landing pages, which is much to your strategic advantage. For example, while the goal of the web banner or advertisement is to get visitors to your website to click on them to learn more, the landing page is where you have to deliver. The goal of your web advertisement or link is to get the user to go to the landing page, and the goal of the landing page is to get the user to purchase a service or at least make a commitment to learn more about what that service might be able to do for them. The content on such landing pages is essential to your content marketing strategy.

Types of Pages

Reference or transactional. Those are the two types of landing pages that are most commonly used today. So what’s the difference between the two types of pages? A reference page typically contains information that appeals to whomever clicks on the original link to begin with. This type of information could be pictures, links to other sources, videos, etc. These types of landing pages could encourage users to sign up for an association, for a publication, or the like.

A transactional landing page, on the other hand, is more persuasive. For example, it more aggressively seeks leads by encouraging the visitor to fill out some sort of online form to receive a service or where you’re allowing someone to telephone you about a service.

Not the Homepage

Much to the confusion of people, the homepage and the landing page are very different things. While the homepage is the official introduction to a business’ website, the landing page is the page that answers a specific question about the business and/or what types of services the business offers.

A good landing page will be popular in terms of search engine optimization and come up often when people type a question into their search engine while online. This is an effective content marketing strategy, as a relevant landing page can bring in an increased amount of traffic to a particular website, which helps increase the company’s image, brand, and ideally, business. For this reason, many marketers try to line their landing pages with key words that can be easily picked up in search engines such as Google. The more times your website, or its landing pages, come up in search engines, the more likely that they’re likely to be clicked on. And having your pages clicked on is a good problem to have for anyone that’s serious about online marketing.

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