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Key Trade Show Exhibit Tips That You’re Probably Not Doing (But Should Be!)

When considering setting up a display for a trade show, there are many factors to consider to better the odds for success as well as to ensure that your company is maximizing opportunities to further brand exposure and promotional reach. Details such as which functions to attend, how to designate attending staff members and even how to compile generated leads all demand immediate attention when going through the check list of “to-dos” before any big event. Unfortunately, all too often, businesses get completely caught up in simply checking things off the action item list that they forget one critical business component – strategic creativity within the booth itself!

Don’t Sleepwalk Through Your Trade Show Exhibit Strategy

It’s important to remember that setting up a display for a trade show is an advertorial technique and should always be regarded as such. Sleepwalking through your trade show exhibit preparations can be a major marketing misstep. Not only can it make your business look like a giant corporate yawn, it can actually deter visitors from stopping into your stands to get a closer look at what your organization has to offer. Whether you’re a trade show exhibit rookie or a veteran presenter, it’s imperative that your organization looks fresh, current and relevant.

Creative Ways To Garner Attention At Marketing Conventions

Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the proverbial wheel when it comes to instilling a little creative strategy into your current trade show exhibit. Taking a fresh look at your current checklist can help ensure that your business consistently thinks outside the (check) box when preparing a display for a trade show. Consider these tips before your next convention:

Use a few bells and whistles: Today’s booths and stands offer a virtually limitless array of features on any sized model. Best of all, most features can be added at any time. Add on some eye-catching LED lights, include some large screen monitors to run presentations or even set up tablets throughout your stand to grab the attention of the wandering crowd and keep them away from the competition.

Say “no!” to the pen: Look around your desk. Chances are you have an assortment of pens with various logos on them. Do they mean anything to you at this point? Rather than playing it safe with your handout, brainstorm an item that will leave a lasting impression and complement your existing business missive. Whether working a seasonal angle, distributing garments or giving away something technologically clever, get creative and find something that will have guests leaving your booth saying, “Wow!” Can’t think of anything? Offer free samples of your products as a giveaway option to ensure your booth visitors remember your company long after they leave your stands.

Add some fun to the booth: Yes, you need to have polished and professional staff manning trade show stands and ready to close deals. However, nothing says you can’t inject a little fun and excitement into your booth as well. Set up a photo booth, hire fortunetellers, or offer specific services that will help teach your guests something fun and/or new. Breaking up the monotone vibe at these events is a perfect way to generate buzz and get your business noticed.

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