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Is Your Business Mobile? 37 Percent Of Users Migrate From Desk To Mobile

If you needed further proof that your online business or marketing efforts need to get into the mobile space, a new study from the NPD Group shows that now is definitely the time. Their data shows that about thirty-seven percent of users are migrating from their PCs to mobile devices to access content.

This means that websites, blogs, social networking, and more are going to devices rather than desktops or notebooks (traditional “PCs”) more than a third of the time. If your website, blog, sales tools, marketing efforts, etc. aren’t including mobile-optimized output, your business could be in trouble.

The report, titled Connected Intelligence Application and Convergence Report from NPD, shows that Web browsing and Facebook access are the two things most often accessed via mobile by those migrating away from PC use. Amongst tablet users, for example, about 27 percent are using their PCs less frequently for Internet access and 20 percent are saying that they use their PC less often for accessing Facebook. With smart phones, 27 percent of owners say that they have decreased both Internet and Facebook access via their PC.

In fact, Internet browsing and Facebook access rank highest on both type of mobile devices and, of all of the things studied by this latest report, are the things most likely to be displaced almost entirely from the PC. Although the numbers aren’t huge, they’re big and they’re gaining. Considering that there are somewhere around 4.6 billion mobile phones on the planet and only 1.1 billion computers, the trend is becoming obvious.

This means business owners and marketers need to be thinking in terms of mobile. So bottom line, if your business depends on entertainment services online for advertising, marketing, or sales, then you need to be focused on mobile because that’s where those consumer eyeballs are going to be coming from more and more.

Most of the big boys in the online sphere have gotten into the mobile marketing arena. Google purchased admob and Apple purchased Quattro (now iAds), two of the largest mobile advertising networks in operation. Further, Nokia owns Enpocket and ValueClick owns Greystripe. Others of note include Adfonic, inMobi, LeadBolt, MobYD, and Trademob. These are the major advertising networks, many of which operate as either pay-per-click (PPC) or affiliate systems.

Mobile advertising revenues are expected to top $11.4 billion this year, though much of the growth over 2012 will be as India and China continue opening their consumer markets. Most of the advertising revenue will continue to be from mobile app marketing – advertising in or offering free branded apps. These are the primary way major advertisers get into mobile marketing.

Smaller businesses will continue focusing on less expensive, customized mobile advertising. Geotargeted campaigns remain popular, aiming for consumers within a specific geographic area. For retailers, targeting those who are “out and about” (roaming or moving within a set of GPS coordinates) means getting them when they’re more likely in a mood to shop. Data events on the phone itself, powered by the app that is delivering the advertisements as it does something the user finds useful, are the medium of choice. As the user accesses a map for directions, for example, popup indicators for shopping or restaurants (or just about anything else) can entice them to go to advertising retailers.

As mobile marketing matures, the small business owner will find it more and more difficult to get a spot in it. If your website/blog isn’t optimized for mobile and if you don’t have some kind of mobile marketing campaign in the works, you’ll be left behind.

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