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Is Social Media Distorting Our Perceptions Of Self Importance?

Have you detected how social networking powerhouses like Twitter have a way of making everyone feel more important than we are? Sure, Lady Gaga’s 45 million “friends” on Fb are legit, but for every Gaga on this planet there are numerous thousands and thousands of standard Joes such as you and me and our 63 Fb “friends” and Twitter “followers”.

If you’re like most, then you’ve sent a friend request to the favorite megastar, or music performer, or novelist, or any other bourgeois person from your Fb account. I might be lying if I said I hadn’t. For most of us, we understand it’s kind of a useless exercise, which it’s only fairly cool to indicate to others how Diablo Cody approved our friend request. Vanity has its own place to be sure, but could it be becoming misleading.

In order to get a real sense of this, I created a totally bogus FB account with a really cool “name” that could not possibly be a person’s true name. I added some awesome photographs of next to nothing in particular, made up some unbelievable aspects of my new persona, and leaped straight into the deep end with both feet.

My initial objective ended up being obtainas friends as you can within the least time. I spent lots of time on Fb within the first couple of weeks of creating my new character, and it is a good thing I have limitless internet access using my FiOS Internet, or else I dont think my little test would have worked.

The first 1,000 friends I acquired was the real tedious part, simply because I needed to do all of the initiating on my end. It will take plenty of effort to send out 1,000 friend request. Before too long, however, I began to get a wide range of friend requests and the ball was rolling. Earning 5,000 Fb “friends” was a little easier than I was thinking. I consider this a red flag when evaluating my self-importance.

This is the part that isn’t so funny, and a little sobering. As much people as I have following this one account, it is really for naught. I’ve attempted to get my entire directory friends involved in many different good causes, charity events, as well as other healthful missions of goodwill. To date, I have been in a position to raise a stunning $8 dollars in real money for a rewarding charity! 8 bucks! I’ve got more than this hiding within my couch and clothes washer.

Raising only $8 from 5,000 strangers who state they are my pals really put things into view for me. In the real world many of us only know a few dozen people, but within a joint like Fb you can get carried away using these sorts of misperceptions.

I stumbled upon things I already knew: We’re important to our true family, but for the majority of us that may only be a few dozen people. Every one of the rock bands, and pop stars, and actors, and national new anchors we “friend” on Fb don’t know us, they never care about us in every meaningful way.

In the long run we’re no more important at the time we “friended” Brad Pitt than we had been the previous day. He is not likely going to arrive at your graduation even when you included him within your “event”, and your endless stream of “LOLcats” has caused him to block your posts. I apologize to be the person to break this for you.

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