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Is Network Marketing For Me? – Learn More About It

Today, a lot of people are tired of being tied to a job and having to punch a time clock for some-one else. In all honesty a lot of people feel that if they are going to work hard, they may as well work hard for themselves. They are looking for something that they can do to make money on their own terms. Now please understand, there is nothing wrong with having a job, but a lot of business minded people will tell you that a job stands for people who just get out of bed to go to a job where there they make enough that they are just over broke. For business minded people, that is just not good enough.

Network marketing is a business that many people elect to do, to generate income for themselves and their families full and part time. As a matter of fact this business model is used by some very big companies and you may not even know that is what they are doing. Have you heard of the companies, Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay and Amway? Well all of these companies use this method to grow their business and it works for them hand over foot. So what is it?

Basically what it entails is that a company like Tupperware will pay you to market their products in your own network of people and they will pay you for all the sales you generate for them. Now the key element is while you are selling Tupperware, you do not work for Tupperware, you are not an employee of Tupperware, but what you are is what is commonly known as an independent contractor. One of the biggest types of companies to do this is life insurance companies.

As a life insurance agent you are paid for all the sales that you generate for the insurance company itself, however you are not employed by that specific company. That is why a lot of life insurance agents are considered brokers and work for more than one insurance company. Now the beauty of network marketing is that you can also build a team around you if you want. So for example if you tell some of your friends what you do, they can sign up and do it too. In most cases just like Multi-Level Marketing you can make money of their sales as well.

Truth be told network marketing is a viable income opportunity for a lot of people. The downside to network marketing is just like any other company out there. There are scams out there based on this business model. If you are going to invest time and money into this business, make sure you research the company you are going to work for. Make sure they have a good track record and make sure all of your cost is known upfront. Can a person make money doing this? Absolutely, but being that you are going to be building for your future, you owe it to yourself to make sure you know what you are getting into.

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