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Is Article Marketing Dead? Tips In A Post-Penguin World

So is article marketing dead? After the atom bomb that was the Google Penguin update, many online marketers are left thinking that it is.

Sites that were ‘over SEO’d’ (including over article-marketed) suddenly dropped out of site after Penguin.

And the web is still rife with rumors and people speculating what it means for the future of article marketing. Since Google won’t give us too many details, a lot of the information out there is pure speculation.

But the bottom line is that I don’t think article marketing is dead – it’s just not as important as it used to be.


Well, think about it – Google’s purpose is to deliver relevant search engine results. And most websites – especially those that have been around for years – do submit articles in order to get attention and traffic to their websites.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Businesses issue press releases and online websites write articles.

That isn’t ‘spam’ or trying to trick the search engines – it’s just good business practice.

So there’s no logical reason Google would object to this.

But here’s what they may object to. We know they went after ‘over-optimized’ sites. So that means if you are submitting many more articles than they deem ‘natural’, your site will probably get penalized.

I’ve also read some experts that say if all your articles link to your home page or just a few of your main pages, it’s also a red flag for Google.

Again, looks unnatural and unorganic – it seems like too much, too soon.

So with that in mind, here are 3 tips to run a more effective article marketing campaign in light of the new Google update:

#1 Submit to one (or two at most) article directories per article.

Don’t submit one article to 30 different article directories. Although it may get more links back to you – it also gets a lot of duplicate copy out there (what Google may consider ‘low quality content’)

I submit one article per article directory. And spread the articles around – don’t just use one article directory for all of your articles.

#2 Link to Multiple Website Pages

Instead of including just your link to your home page at the bottom of your article, try deep linking into your other website pages. Spread it out so you’re getting links coming in to pages all over your website.

#3 Don’t OverSubmit and Time it Right

Don’t oversubmit articles – the days of 10 articles per day are over. One article per week seems natural. Also, while you may have 10 different articles to submit, spread the timing out.

So use an article directory that will allow you to publish articles over time. Perhaps 1 article a week for a few months. Again, that looks natural and organic.

So those are 3 tips on how to run a more effective article marketing campaign. I can’t guarantee they’ll work – but based on what Google is looking for (normal, natural, organic growth), it seems like a solid business practice that won’t get you penalized.

Lauren Tate writes for – a site offering simple, easy tips for building a successful online business.

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