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Internet Marketing Trends You Should Not Miss

Internet marketing is constantly changing and innovating according to the updates in algorithms of the major search engines. Gone are the days when the flow of information is linear and business growth is slow. Nowadays, useful contents can already be seen in every direction thanks to the emergence of publishing platforms that allow us to easily publish pieces of information in different social media accounts in just a single click. The usage of social and mobile devices has started a revolution in the way we access information at a scale never before experienced.

Access to online information always starts with search. According to comscore, a company that specializes in digital marketing intelligence, Google receives more than 11 billion search queries a month, while Twitter handles over 350 billion tweets each day. As a serious Internet marketer, you should realize that these searches are gold mines waiting to be tapped. In fact, understanding the connection between these searches, social media, and content means that you are ready for the future of Internet marketing. Below are three areas we think Internet marketers should focus on this year.

For this year, the first area Internet marketers need to pay attention to is content creation and curation. Many companies are now gearing towards the publisher method of marketing as seen in the growth of online contents and content curation. This trend is expected to grow this year and get increasingly competitive for those companies that have the budget to produce original content and media.

Since online publishing tools make it incredibly easy to publish and share information, one can be surprised that the volume of content online has already reached a transfer of 23 exabytes of content every week. But since quality original content is too expensive and can be a challenging long term goal, content curation, as an alternative, will continue to be used by marketers to further attract traffic to the sites they are working on.

Aside from content creation and curation, Internet marketers should also focus on mobile phone and tablet marketing efforts this year. We know that mobile marketing is already being done, since 2009, by some Internet marketing companies but for those companeis that haven’t delved into mobile marketing yet, this year should be their start. Since late 2010, more Americans own mobile phones than computers.

If you want to target the majority of your customers, who do not own any computers, you will start realizing the potential of mobile marketing. Many Americans use their mobile phones for social networking purposes and as more mobile applications are being made, the more time will be spent away from the computer. If you are a smart marketer you should know better than just focusing on Internet marketing.

Lastly, aside from focusing on content marketing and mobile marketing, we believe that Internet marketers should also pay attention to the impact of social web with regards to the reputation of a business. Nowadays, businesses that incorporate social media literacy and empowerment have better employee retention and more satisfied customers that can collectively act on behalf of their brands. What this means is that Internet marketers need to further prove sincerity when it comes brand engagement online.

Once customers notice that they are well taken care of, they will be the one to defend your brand against unjust accusations and reputation attacks. Overall, the goal of Internet marketing this year is all about how businesses can sincerely connect people with their content using different social media platforms and devices. By working on your company’s content, mobile, and social business, you give your company a competitive advantage since not all companies can easily grasp the connection between those areas just yet.

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