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Internet Marketing Information Overload: Finding the Right Strategy for Your Small Business

You are a small business. You need more customers and you want to start marketing yourself on the internet. You have done some Google searches and after a bit of research you have discovered that there are A LOT of different strategies out there. You have likely experienced a case of IMIO: internet marketing information overload. Do not worry, this can be readily treated, and we can get you back in shape to promoting your small business online. Most people do not actually die from IMIO. Stressful yes, but deadly? Not usually, with the right help.

So anyway, that is where I come in. I want to help you find the right strategy to start an online advertising campaign and as much as possible, avoid stuffing you with unnecessary internet marketing information to make me feel better about myself by showing you how super I am.

Are you still with me? Good, let us get started. The first thing we need to know is how much of an online presence do you currently have? This will determine the strategy we take. Let us talk about content. Do you already have a good mass of quality content (articles, reviews, products, services) available online? How big is your website? If you have already generated quite a lot of valuable content, then the best route to take now would be social media marketing and pay per click advertising. Forget the other stuff for now and just focus on these. Focus on drawing in attention and prospective buyers to your already established product.

If, on the other hand, you do not already have a bulk of high value content online, then that is where we need to start. The only internet marketing information you need to know right now is how to produce quality content. But I thought I was supposed to be helping you market your website? Do not worry, I am. But at the same time as we market your website, we are also going to increase the amount of valuable content you have available. The first thing you really need to do when it comes to internet marketing is to establish yourself as a prominent source for a particular product or service. Make it known that you are the expert.

How you achieve that place of respect online right now will be through article marketing. This is the route you should focus on right now until you have established your presence online as an expert. What that means is that you write articles about your topic that include a backlink to your website, then post those articles in article directories. People with websites will grab those articles and publish them on their site. You will get a free link and instant exposure. Keep writing and submitting high quality articles and you will watch the traffic begin to trickle in, ever so steadily, until your small business gradually goes to the next level of visitors and sales, your ultimate goal.

So to recap, in your search for the right strategy, there is a lot of internet marketing information available. If you are already an established expert in your field with a bulk of content online, focus on being an active participant in social media marketing and also pay per click advertising. If your business is just starting out online, focus on building up your presence and a platform to stand on, before you throw a bunch of money at advertising campaigns. Good luck in your endeavors and I hope this helps you to avoid further internet marketing information overload and stay focused to the task at hand.

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Timothy S. Young is the founder of eMarketing Resources International, a web marketing company that teaches small businesses how to be successful online.

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