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Inflatable Exhibits: Why These Newcomers Are Dominating Trade Shows

Inflatable exhibits have made an impressive splash in the trade show arena in recent years. Gone forever are the days when the phrase “inflatable exhibits” immediately conjures up images of large, unwieldy (and unprofessional) balloon-like booths that resemble car dealership windsocks. Instead, today’s inflatable exhibits are sleek, sophisticated and capable of catching the attention of even the most refined consumer crowd. Cutting-edge graphics, resilient and lightweight materials, and state of the art technology seamlessly combine to offer business owners in every industry a professional and polished way to make a long-lasting impression.

Inflatable Exhibits Deliver Impressive Features And Benefits

Feel like you may have made a snap judgment on using inflated stands for your business? You’re certainly not alone; many entrepreneurs may initially dismiss inflatable exhibits as a viable option for their trade show needs… until they get a closer look at them. Once they familiarize themselves with everything that inflated stands offer, they quickly change their minds. When using inflated stands for your live marketing events, you’ll enjoy a wide range of features and benefits that other trade show options simply can’t compete with.

What’s the first thing most business owners appreciate about these inflated designs? How visually-appealing, informative and compelling they can be. Unlike standard, traditional displays, inflatable exhibits offer a fresh and unique take on live exhibiting strategies. Beyond being a novel, new approach, these displays also offer ample customization options to inform and compel the gathering crowd.

Additionally, it’s no secret that trade shows provide a forum for companies to prove their relevance. Using a state of the art blow up display instantly helps your company stand out from the competition as a cutting-edge and trendsetting industry leader that deserves more attention.

Inflated Stands Offer Multiple Uses And Optimal Efficiency

Beyond visual appeal and relevance, inflated stands also offer a wide range of practical, logistical perks for entrepreneurs as well. For many business owners, a traditional display means extensive employee training to ensure setup and breakdown happens without a hitch. Inflatable exhibits require no extra tools or prolonged training for a successful setup. Team members simply have to plug in the display and the included pump will take care of the rest.

What’s another key benefit of inflated stands? Their multitude of uses. Yes, your blow up display can stand on its own as an individual, visually-appealing booth. However, it can also blend seamlessly into an existing display to enhance your marketing message. Coming in virtually any size and shape, you’ll easily find the perfect complement to your current live encounter strategy.

Finally, blow up booths don’t have the heavy, hard to ship pieces associated with traditional stands. This can prove a major perk to company owners of every size and scope. Not having structured framing or large unwieldy graphic panels instantly minimizes the packing and shipping process. For many business owners, they find they can simply treat their display as a carry-on, making transport simple and seamless.

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